Czech Pavilion

  • Booth: J3046


Welcome to the Czech pavilion where representatives of hi-tech companies and universities will introduce their products and research activities. Czechia recently joined the Alliance of European Semiconductor Regions and you can team up with Czechs for research and innovation projects, including the development of new technologies and applications. Go international and cooperate with experts from the Czech-Taiwanese Advanced Chip Design Research Center!

Come and meet:

  1. Brno University of Technology: Top technical university with a long history in photonics and physics of semiconductors. High skilled researchers deal with semiconductor technologies including GaN and SiC.
  2. Czech Technical University in Prague: Is renowned for its cutting-edge research and education in semiconductor technology, fostering innovation and expertise in microelectronics and nanotechnology.
  3. ASICentrum: Is involved in the design of the most advanced low-power and low-voltage analog-to-digital integrated circuits.
  4. CTP: Europe’s largest listed industrial property developer. They build, own, operate and manage industrial properties in Czechia. CTP develops new sites for Taiwanese semiconductor suppliers.
  5. ELI Beamlines: The international laser user facility ELI accommodates some of the most intense lasers in the world working in femtosecond regime, reaching up to PW outcome power. ELI is able to generate secondary source in the EUV and X-ray area.
  6. HiLASE: Has more than a decade of experience in the development of high-power and high-energy lasers. During the time HiLASE has overcome many world records in laser developments.
  7. Inference Technologies: Is offering predictive systems and dynamic data analysis solutions. Their DeepFab technology integrates advanced AI/ML systems to transform data into superior quality devices.
  8. Onsemi: The largest Czech manufacturer of chips with focus on the design, manufacturing, and testing of semiconductor solutions for power management and automotive applications.
  9. SVCS: Specializes in the design and production of horizontral and vertical thermal reactors.
  10. Urdiamant: As a family-owned business, they specialize in production of tools from superabrasive materials such as diamond and CBN.
  11. Vakuum Servis: Develops and delivers vacuum system according to demands of customer.