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We, D&D Builders Hardware Co., a manufacturer more than two decades.

Our star product, SLIDEback sliding door closer, is not just about closing doors; it's a pivotal component that intelligently regulates room temperatures by ensuring secure closure, effectively isolating internal and external environments. All without the need for electricity, it significantly contributes to optimizing energy efficiency within your infrastructure.

SLIDEback is widely seen in the Data Center field, the SLIDEback has received a lot of positive feedback for its exceptional performance, becoming a popular solution, integrated into numerous Data Centers globally.

In addition, we would like to introduce our ONE Touch to your company and deliver the possibility that this product is widely been installed in a gas cabinet of semi-conductor and cabinet of charging station.

This amazing product ONE Touch has a Hold-Open feature which means it could be stopped in any desired position, just need to press the button for HOLD-OPEN.

It is a smart and safety solution for the gas cabinet, in order to avoid the leaking of the toxic gas, to make sure the door is always auto-close after open it.

It is also a smart and comfortable solution for charging station, while the engineer is inspecting or repairing the interior, it is handy to have a door hold it in an open position to have both hands free.

It is 100% made and developed by us in Taiwan, with reliable and stable quality.
The product has been developed and in common use for more than 15 years.