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D.C.C.P. was founded in 1999 and is dedicated to the sales and agency of industrial materials and consumables. We uphold the core business philosophy of development, creation, consistency, and progression to achieve mutual benefit among customers, suppliers, and D.C.C.P. Our main business items include abrasive materials (specifically industrially used brushes), functional rollers, and a variety of coating materials on film. As the saying goes, 'There is no best, only better.' These products are just a glimpse of what we offer. D.C.C.P will continue to launch high-quality products and assist our customers in meeting their needs and goals.


  • 離型膜 - Release Film

  • This release film utilizes PET as its base material, specifically designed for transfer molding and compression molding processes. Its outstanding release performance ensures smooth demolding during mold operations, suitable for various applications requiring high precision and efficiency in mold handling. The product complies with ESG regulations and meets EU standards such as REACH and RoHS, guaranteeing it is halogen-free and free from PFOS/PFOA. We offer precision coating options in glossy, matte, and single or double-sided configurations. The release force can be adjusted, and options are available with either adhesive or non-adhesive properties.
  • 保護膜 - Masking Film

  • This protective film utilizes PET as its base material and possesses attributes such as high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, and no adhesive residue. It is well-suited for various harsh industrial environments, maintaining stable performance under both high temperature and high pressure conditions without leaving any residue. This ensures the quality and safety of the product. Additionally, it offers both glossy and matte coating options, allowing for the selection of a release film based on specific application requirements.
  • 轉印膜 - Transfer Film

  • This transfer film uses PET as its base material and offers both glossy and matte options to meet diverse needs. Its excellent scratch resistance eliminates the need for post-processing or UV curing, significantly simplifying the usage process. Additionally, the matte effect can be adjusted for haze or gloss according to specific requirements, accommodating various application scenarios.
  • 抗靜電膜 - ESD/Anti-static/Conductive Film

  • This anti-static film is made of PET as the base material, and its anti-static technology does not involve carbon black, ensuring no black contamination during use. Additionally, the film exhibits excellent scratch resistance, providing durable protection in demanding environments. Finally, this product can be customized to possess either anti-static or conductive functionalities according to specific requirements.
  • 研磨材料 - Abrasive Material

  • Selecting the most appropriate grinding materials based on the specific requirements and characteristics of the materials is of paramount importance. Our offerings include a variety of options such as non-woven fabrics, ceramics, nylon, rubber, elastic abrasives, and diamonds, tailored to meet diverse needs in surface treatment and precision shaping. Furthermore, we provide professional consultation services aimed at guiding clients in choosing the optimal grinding solutions to achieve efficient and effective outcomes across a wide range of applications and materials.
  • 抗靜電產品

  • We offer a variety of anti-static materials including brushes, rollers, spacer pads, wiping cloths, tapes, gloves, and films. These materials effectively prevent static accumulation and are suitable for a wide range of products and applications, ensuring optimal working environments and product quality.