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We aim to be an "problem-solving company" that unearths social needs and provide solutions.

Through providing value which meets the demands of society, Daicel group contributes to improving people's lives.



  Press Releases

  • (Jun 28, 2024)
    We provide materials for semiconductor manufacturing, including low-metal solvents such as PGMEA for managing metal content, and polymers for semiconductor photoresists.
    【Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials】
    Polymers for FPD Resist: An acrylic polymer used in various electronic components for liquid crystal displays and circuit boards. It boasts excellent heat resistance, solvent resistance, transparency, and storage stability.
    Low-Metal Solvents: Essential for semiconductor manufacturing, we introduce high-quality low-metal solvents including PGMEA. With domestic integrated manufacturing, we ensure stable supply of solvent with stable quality.
    CELTOL®: CELTOL is mixture of solvents. It developed to improve yield and device performance. It is used in the manufacturing of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) and more.
    lens: Daicel's wafer-level lenses are manufactured using their proprietary imprint molding process. They offer high design flexibility and excel in forming intricate and complex shapes at the sub-micron level. This enables the production of optical elements with various optical characteristics.
    Polymer hybrid bonding material: It is a bonding material that exhibits a high process margin against particle defects and enables low-temperature bonding.
    Non-shrinking high-heat-resistant resin: As the name suggests, this resin does not shrink upon curing and can withstand high-temperature processes. It meets the requirements of advanced packaging (3D packaging). It is also suitable for encapsulation resins, FOWLP/FOPLP, die stacking, and other applications.
    Copper sintering material: Copper sintering paste applicable to fine bump joining for 3D packaging, via joining for printed circuit boards, and component joining within embedded printed circuit boards. It allows low-temperature bonding of 200-250°C.
    FPD 抗蝕劑聚合物:一種丙烯酸聚合物,用於液晶顯示器和電路板的各種電子元件。它具有優異的耐熱性、耐溶劑性、透明性和儲存穩定性。
    CELTOL®:CELTOL是溶劑的混合物。它的開發是為了提高產量和裝置性能。主要被用於製造多層陶瓷電容器 (MLCC) 等。