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DAS Environmental Expert GmbH is an environmental technology company focused on the developing and manufacturing of innovative and scalable waste gas and wastewater abatement systems serving main technology industries such as semiconductor, solar and LED.

Established in 1991 and headquartered in Dresden/Germany, DAS Environmental Expert today employs over 900 people in 10 offices worldwide. Our high-tech related customers are using several thousands installed DAS abatement tools that can be maintained by our service team 24/7.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Shared Challenge, Responsibility, and Commitment for the Semiconductor Industry and its Suppliers.

In the global pursuit of sustainability, the semiconductor industry has emerged as a crucial player in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As the demand for high-tech products continues to soar, the industry faces a pressing responsibility to address its environmental impact. It is a challenge faced by the semiconductor sector and its suppliers, highlighting the collective commitment towards a greener future.

The semiconductor industry's carbon footprint is vast, spanning from direct emissions (Scope 1) generated from manufacturing processes to indirect emissions (Scope 2) arising from electricity consumption. However, a significant portion of their emissions is attributed to the entire supply chain (Scope 3). This intricate web of emissions requires an all-encompassing approach to tackle the issue effectively.

Companies within the semiconductor ecosystem are actively adopting various strategies to reduce emissions. These include transitioning to renewable energy sources, enhancing energy efficiency in manufacturing, and implementing innovative technologies to minimize waste. For example, at DAS EE we offer customised solutions with our Burn-Wet systems to support the major goal of minimising CO2 emissions by 40% through our industry- leading Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) performance.