Dongjin Semichem Co., Ltd.

Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do,  Korea (South)
  • Booth: L0416

A true company that lasts forever over 100 years


DONGJIN SEMICHEM is a manufacturer of materials for FPDs (Flat Panel Display) and semiconductors, materials for alternative energy sources (solar cell, fuel cell), and foaming agents.

Materials for FPDs and semiconductors manufactured by the company include photoresist, bottom anti-reflective coating (BARC), abrasive (CMP slurry), developer, colored resist, organic insulator, and column spacer, etc.  These are chemical process materials that contribute to the technological advancement and integration of electronic materials.
Established in 1967, DONGJIN SEMICHEM was the first company in Korea to develop and domestically produce PVC and rubber foaming agents, thus preparing a foundation for its growth, and became an exporter of foaming agents in 1973. With the establishment of an overseas production plant in Indonesia in 1992 and Shihwa in 1995, it became the number one company in the world in the area of foaming agents. We export our products all over the world under the name of UNICELL.

Our success is owing to pioneering investment in semiconductor and FPD materials in the early 1980s based on the reputation we had built up in the area of foaming agents.  Beginning with our production of EMC in 1983, we entered the semiconductor materials industry and developed Photoresist, which is applied on the wafer, the silicon crystalloid, to form the fine patterns of numerous semiconductor circuits. We became the fourth company in the world to do so in 1990, and the first Korean company to do so (following the success of companies from the United States, Germany and Japan).