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Enabling Perfect Your Soldering For Power Devices Assembly.


3S specializes in providing intelligent automatic assembly machine systems that focus on the packaging technology of discrete power semiconductors. With a comprehensive range of solutions and services, our cutting-edge equipment includes the die attach machine, stencil printer, copper strip die bonder, vacuum reflow oven, and formic acid vacuum reflow oven. These advanced machines cater to the packaging needs of various power devices, including diodes, power MOSFETs, IGBTs, power GaN, SiC, IPMs, and more.

Pioneering Technology for Enhanced Safety and Reliability

As an industry leader, 3S collaborates closely with world-leading IDM customers and invest heavily in advanced packaging technology. Our commitment to innovation is driven by the aim to enhance safety, reliability, precision, throughput, and user-friendly maintenance in power devices and power module packaging. Notably, our expertise lies in vacuum reflow soldering and formic acid vacuum reflow soldering (flux-free soldering), particularly suited for high-reliability automotive and industrial applications.

Empowering Customers through 3S Open Lab 

At 3S Silicon Tech Inc. , we believe in sharing our expertise with customers. To facilitate their product development objectives for time-to-market, time-to-volume, and time-to-return on investment, we launched 3S Open Lab. This initiative enables clients to harness our vast knowledge and resources, fostering collaborative growth and success.

Committed to ESG and Sustainability—Green, Safe, Intelligent

As we embrace the dawn of ESG, 3S is deeply committed to contributing to energy conservation, green production, and pollution-free environments. We promote equal treatment regardless of race or gender, fostering respect, appreciation, trust, and commitment among all employees and stakeholders. Our equipment is designed to be Green, Safe, and Intelligent, harnessing the wisdom and resources of humanity for a better future.

In 3S , we are revolutionizing the power device packaging landscape, ensuring that our customers receive state-of-the-art solutions that drive progress and innovation in the industry. With a strong commitment to sustainability, ethics, and excellence, we are your trusted partner in powering a brighter future.

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