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The polyimide industry has long faced limited availability and high prices. However, Ducoya is a game-changing development that leverages six decades of polyimide application to enhance performance, accessibility, and cost.

Duvelco's commitment to overcoming traditional market limitations has led to the creation of Ducoya. This material symbolises Duvelco's unyielding dedication to innovation and superior material performance.

The Ducoya G series stands out for its strong technical performance, lending itself to versatility across the semiconductor industry. Ducoya combines plasma resistance, minimal outgassing in hard vacuum conditions, excellent elastic recovery, and toughness. These properties are retained at high temperatures up to 400°C in a vacuum.

This combination of many superior properties enables Ducoya to improve current performance of your applications and meet your future challenges.

Explore the vast potential of Ducoya; start your journey towards innovation.

  Press Releases

  • In the fast-paced world of semiconductor manufacturing, the demand for materials that can withstand harsh environments is paramount. High-performance polymers, particularly polyimide materials, used in critical components such as wafer handling, wafer transport, plasma chamber furniture, in-process test equipment, sealing applications and test sockets, play a crucial role in enhancing the yield and longevity of semiconductor fabrication equipment.

    Duvelco is a UK-based polymer manufacturer founded in 2020 and wholly owned by Goodwin PLC. The company launched its flagship polyimide polymer range, Ducoya, for various applications, including semiconductor manufacturing.

    Enhancing Production Through Advanced Material Solutions

    Thermal Stability for Improved Component Lifespan

    Ducoya's ability to maintain mechanical properties at temperatures exceeding 400°C in a favourable environment makes Ducoya invaluable in semiconductor production. This thermal stability ensures that components do not degrade under high-heat conditions, thereby extending the lifespan of the manufacturing equipment.

    Chemical Resistance for Harsh Environments

    Semiconductor manufacturing processes often use aggressive plasma, gases, and charged particles, which can deteriorate traditional materials. Advanced Ducoya polyimide polymers, resistant to these conditions, can enhance yields, improve process uptime, and deliver more consistent and predictable production outputs.

    Mechanical Properties for Precision and Durability

    The exceptional durability of Ducoya polyimide materials, ease of manufacturing to demanding feature sizes and tolerances, and stability in a wide range of conditions allow for the manufacturing of precision components crucial for the latest semiconductor fabrication processes. This durability under stress ensures that these components help deliver higher yields, instilling confidence in their use.

    Applications in Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Thanks to their exceptional benefits, polyimide materials play a crucial role in various semiconductor fabricator operations. Ducoya offers numerous advantages, including but not limited to:

    • Plasma Chamber Furniture Offers plasma resistance, low particle generation in high-energy plasma, and operation at high temperatures with minimal outgassing in a hard-vacuum environment.
    • Wafer Handling and Transport Components: Delivering wear resistance to avoid wear particles, high purity to reduce the risk of contamination and a range of possible electrical properties, including excellent insulative behaviour. *
    • Test Sockets and Probe Cards: They have exceptional wear resistance, can be machined to tight tolerances, and possess excellent dimensional stability concerning temperature and humidity.

    *If you seek a solution with electrostatic dissipative or conductive properties, please contact Duvelco.


  • Ducoya G001-Ultra Pure
    Ducoya polyimide polymers have a wide range of applications and uses. Whether you need resin powder to create components within your organisation or shapes like rods, tubes, and plaques, Ducoya can help your business succeed....

  • Ducoya is designed for the latest semiconductor manufacturing operations. It combines plasma resistance, minimal outgassing in hard vacuum conditions, excellent elastic recovery, and toughness. These properties are retained at high temperatures up to 400°C in a vacuum. This combination of properties can accommodate the mixed materials that can make up plasma chamber furniture for etching and deposition activities and help enable finely controlled EUV imaging processes. The elastic recovery, good conformance and low permeability of Ducoya make it superior to other polyimides for sealing solutions. PFAS materials are not intentionally added or used as process aids in its manufacture.

    Ducoya has a 'soft but strong' characterisation, securely holding wafers with minimal damage risk. It can be polished to a fine finish, machined to tight tolerances, and offers excellent electrical insulation. These properties make it ideal for handling and probing wafers during fabrication.