ELI Beamlines

Dolní Břežany,  Czech Republic
  • Booth: J3046

High-power ultra-short laser sources for semicon


  • High-power lasers for wafers X-ray inspection
    ELI offers transforming optical laser pulses into brilliant bursts of coherent EUV and X-rays pulses with durations of a few hundreds of femtoseconds....

  • Four paths have been developed within the ELI research area for transforming optical laser pulses into brilliant bursts of X-rays:

    1. High-order harmonic generation
    2. Incoherent plasma X-ray sources
    3. Betatron/Compton radiation
    4. Laser-driven X-ray free-electron lasers.

    For each of these research areas, dedicated beamlines will be built to provide a unique combination of X-ray sources to the user community. The application has a well-defined balance between fundamental science and applications in different fields of science and technology. Emphasis will be placed on providing an international user facility. Therefore, most of the areas have been conceived so that potential users from different fields will be attracted by the advanced laser parameters concerning pulse widths, repetition rates, broad wavelength ranges and intensities. Another important feature will be the combination of perfectly synchronized sources of short pulse coherent optical radiation, UV radiation, XUV radiation and X-ray radiation (coherent and incoherent). The available wavelength range of short pulses will be extended in the future to the gamma range well above 100 keV.