ELS System Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhubei City,,  Hsinchu County 
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Photo Total Solution Provider


In April of 2005, conforming with the trend of high-level equipment localization in the semiconductor and optoelectronic industry in Taiwan, Tekstarter Co., LTD. an agency of photo processing equipment and materials for 15 years, invested in ELS to introduce Japanese technology and integrate various local specialists in mechanical design, software, vision processing, electrical control, and chemical pipelines…etc. ELS specializes in manufacturing front-end fully automated photo process mass-production equipment, which domestic equipment manufacturers have neither the ability nor intention to develop. ELS has developed the equipment from workable to applicable and useful by working hard to comply with the irreversible characteristic of the semiconductor process. The most important factor in our accomplishments is the customers, who have been helping ELS to adapt the irreversible characteristic of the semiconductor process by continuously providing guidance and technical support, allowing 150 specialized colleagues to team up and successfully develop lithography track systems according to customers’ needs. Upon its establishment, ELS has positioned itself as the photo process total solution provider. We are achieving this goal by successfully developing Spin Coater/Mask Aligner/Spin Developer/Spin Etcher/Spin Stripper. ELS not only possesses a high market share in the LED industry, but has also been involved in passive components, diode components/advanced packaging/MEMS/3DIC applications, and other semiconductor related industries to develop customized photo process equipment according to their different process requirements. ELS goals:
Systematic equipment integrator, not a precision machinery manufacturer;
Service-based company,  not a manufacturing-based company.
We integration as well as a continuously evolving workflow and KM–Knowledge Management IT System to turn customized equipment into standardization and modular equipment. ELS not only provides trustworthy and reliable equipments, but more importantly returns the customers' kindness in guiding the photo process by striving to keep manufacturing costs down. This win-win situation between the customers and ELS bears the promise of a long-term partnership.