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  • Omnis
    Omnis is powerful software built for today's operators to act on site emissions, engage with communities and manage environmental impact risk for compliance....

  • Today’s manufacturing operations rely heavily on static compliance data, third-party specialists and paper-based reports when making critical decisions to reduce environmental impact. Unforeseen changes in weather make it difficult to respond to emission events and understand their cause without hindering productivity. 

    Operators also acknowledge the importance of engaging with communities early and transparently. However, they face difficulties communicating data that is easy to understand and ensuring they are perceived as managing their impact proactively. 

    Omnis empowers manufacturing operations with proactive emissions management to 

    • Identify problematic emissions sources to maintain compliance and reduce cost of mitigation
    • Increase operational efficiency and minimise lengthy stoppages from breaches or non-compliance events 
    • Respond to community concerns about environmental impact and build social license to operate