esmo Taiwan Co.,Ltd

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esmo Taiwan Co.,Ltd是德國esmo跨國集團的子公司。以高標準的德國工程技術作保障,提供全套產品和服務。


esmo Taiwan有限公司 (esmo Taiwan Co., Ltd)


  • esmo semicon是全球半導體行業的主要機械手、對接和接口零件以及處理系統供應商之一。

  • esmo automation是一家全方位的服務提供商,為工廠工程和自動化技術提供全面的產品和服務。工廠工程和自動化技術行業。

  • esmo flextos為集團子公司,專門為乾牆和室內建築行業提供定制解決方案。



esmo Taiwan Co., Ltd

Established in 2001,  the esmo group is an international enterprise that provides innovative and advanced engineering services to different sectors across a variety of industries:

  • esmo semicon is one of the leading suppliers of manipulators, docking and interfacing components, and handling systems for the global semiconductor industry.

  • esmo automation is a full-service provider that offers a comprehensive range of product and service offerings for the plant engineering and automation technology. plant engineering and automation technology industries.

  • flextos, a subsidiary of the esmo group, specializes in customized solutions for the drywall and interior construction industry.

The esmo Taiwan office was formally established in 2022 to strengthen esmo group’s position in Asia.

Our strong portfolio of leading-edge technology, state-of-the-art machinery, innovative production engineering, and our team’s extensive experience allows us to establish ourselves as a competent and reliable partner for our customers.