Advanced Materials Technology Inc. Taiwan Branch (JAPAN)

Fukuoka,  Fukuoka 
  • Booth: R7800

AMT provides test wafers to help your R&D works.


Test Wafer Solution Company.

AMT(Advanced Materials Technology, Inc.)provides test wafers that include cutting-edge technology for research and development of CMP, deposition, TSV and advanced package. We change the type and thickness of the film of wafers on demand.

AMT is a fabless maker of test wafers for research and development in semiconductor industry. We were established in 1997, and have specialized in the test wafer business for 27 years. We have offices in Fukuoka, Japan, US, Korea and also in Taiwan. We now have over 100 customers in the world. Taking advantage of being a fabless maker and cooperating with various manufactures both domestic and foreign, we offer products that exactly meet your demand. Long time experience, great knowledge, and a vast network of the test wafer business are the strengths of AMT. Our policy is to keep our customer first.


  • Test Wafer
    Bare Si wafer, blanket wafer, patterned wafer, fine-patterned trench, hole wafer, etc....

  • 1. Bare Si wafer (75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm)

    2. Various Blanket wafer (100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm)

    3. Various Patterned wafer (available for 200mm /300mm Wafer)

        - MIT 854/754 Pattern Wafer (W, Cu, Al), MIT 864/764 STI Pattern

        - AMT STI Pattern Wafer (min.0.18um LS)

        - 3D-ILD Pattern wafer

        - Cu Hybrid Bonding Test Pattern Wafer

        - KrF, ArF Litho, Immersion litho and Etched wafer

        - High-dose Implanted Wafer

        - TSV test wafer, low-temperature TEOS, low-temperature SiN Wafer

    4. fine-patterned trench, hole wafer

    5. Glass wafer