Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation

Taipei, 106,  Taiwan
  • Booth: K2160

Customers Caring With Value Creation


Founded in 1972, and public listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1988, Everlight Chemical focuses on the development of chemical synthesis technology, which gradually became its core competency. Everlight Chemical has positioned itself as a high-tech chemical enterprise making contributions to the well-being of mankind. In the core business, we have continually developed high value-added, low energy consumption and low polluting high-tech chemical products.

Everlight provides a full range of photosensitive products such as: positive photoresist, negative photoresist, shielding photoresist, insulator, overcoat, high reflective layer and side protective seal ink. In additions, our products have various kinds of characteristics including excellent coating uniformity, small dark erosion, excellent surface impedance, excellent adhesion, and excellent strip ability.