EverMore Technology, Inc.

新竹縣,  HsinChu 
  • Booth: S7261


EverMore Technology, Inc., founded in 1997, provides advanced information and communication security technology and is committed to developing zero-trust information security software application platforms and its derivative information security products. Our TekPass software combines powerful multi-factor authentication technology to provide users with a secure and convenient identity verification solution. In addition, this helps ensure the security and privacy of network-connected devices and data, and protects information security in both personal and corporate markets. Additionally, it enhances the trustworthiness and security of the entire digital ecosystem.

The demand for cybersecurity protection between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their supply chains is significant nowadays. It is recommended to adopt a collaborative approach to cybersecurity defense to prevent compromising the entire supply chain due to password attacks, phishing attacks, malware, and malicious USB drive attacks, among others. Implementing a zero-trust framework can be challenging and costly for businesses due to integration issues with different systems, outdated system equipment, and complex user experiences.

Our solution, the "Endpoint Protection System for Lateral Attack Resistance Based on Zero Trust," offers an affordable option for SMEs to affordably implement an internal network security protection solution given their limited capital and manpower. This solution includes:

  • Personal Computer Endpoint Protection System (TP.sec): Designed to safeguard important data on personal computers and prevent the unauthorized execution of malicious software.
  • Lightweight Network Threat Behavior Analysis (TP-NDR): Aimed at preventing threats and attacks within the network, reporting network threat behaviors, and monitoring network traffic and activities.
  • By integrating TP.sec and TP-NDR systems, besides providing real-time notification and disposal of abnormal conditions, we can also monitor whether these two components are abnormally terminated or closed at any time to ensure that protection from endpoints to networks is operating normally.

We are committed to expanding and offering more secure and user-friendly zero-trust information security products continuously.