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Gentec is specialized in gas flow control equipment for high purity and ultra high purity application. Below are our product portfolio:

  1. High purity and UHP gas pressure regulators
  2. High purity pressure gauge
  3. Diaphragm valves, Bellow valves, metering valves, etc. 
  4. Face Seal Fitting (VCR), tube fitting, and weld tub
  5. Manual and Pneumatic cylinder valves 
  6. IGS Substrates/modular systems
  7. Vacuum Generator 

Our core competencies is precision machining, welding technologies, and ultra-high purity surface treatment. The production process implemented according to SEMI standard.


  • Ultra High Purity Regulators
    1. Used for ultra high purity applications
    2. VCR connections to prevent leakage
    3. Wet areas are EP treated to prevent contamination...

  • 1. 316L or 316L VAR stainless steel body 

    2. Metal to metal diaphragm to body seal

    3. Easy front panel and rear bracket mounting

    4. Gauge ports are standard with 1/4” face seal male.

    5. Fully internal electropolished

    6. Cleaned, assembled and packaged for high purity semiconductor applications

    7. High-cycle life

    8. 100% Helium-leak tested

  • Ultra High Purity Valves
    1. Used for HP/UHP applications
    2. Both manual and pneumatic actuation available
    3. Diaphragm valves maintain gas purity and integrity...

  • GENTEC is specialized in providing below type of valves:

    1. Diaphargm Valve (Manual and Pneumatic) 

    2. Bellows-Sealed Valves

    3. Needle Valves 

    4. Ball Valves

    5. Gauge Valves

    6. Metering Valves

    7. Check Valves

    8. Excess Flow Valves

    9. Relief Valves

  • Ultra High Purity Connections
    1. Made with high quality 316L or 316L VAR stainless steel
    2. Used for semi-conductor & research applications
    3. Wide variety of configurations
    4. Orbital welded and face seal connections...

  • 1. GENTEC® specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality valves and fittings for High Purity and Ultra High Purity applications.

    2. GENTEC® FSR fittings are availabe in 316, 316L, or 316 VAR and supplied in BA or EP grade.

    3. Fittings are cleaned, bagged individually in nylon bags, and heat-sealed. The inner bag is then placed in a polyethylene outer bag and heat-sealed in a class 100 clean room to meet this stringent demands of the semi-conductor industry.

    4. GENTEC® weld fittings offer compact designs for use with orbital weld equipment. The stainless steel weld fittings feature special machining and surface enhancement to prevent outgassing and inhibit corrosion.

    5. 316L, 316L VAR and 316L VIM/VAR stainless steel are available. 

  • IGS modular substrate components
    IGS Base blocks and modular substrate components for building integrated gas system....

  • GENTEC offer IGS module base block as well as the diaphargm valves, Regulators for a compact and modular integrated gas system. 

    1. IGS base Block 

    2. Ultra High Purity Diaphargm Valves

    3. Ultra High Purity Regulators

  • High Purity Pressure Gauges
    This 2” pressure gauge is ideal for semiconductor processing, high purity gas delivery, purge panel systems
    and high purity liquid delivery applications...

  • 1. Bourdon tube: 316L

    2. Socket: 316L

    3. ANSI-ASME B40.1 Grade A Accuracy • 2-1-2%

  • Cylinder Valves and Connections
    1. Electro-polished
    2. Multiple connections available
    3. Meets GB, CGA, DIN, JIS and other international standard...

  • GENTEC offer tied-diaphargm cylinder valves for high purity application. It is designed for use with ultra-high purity gas cylinders to prevent gas leakage and achieve low leakage rateds demanded by high purity gas users.

    1. Manual and Pneumatic options

    2. assembly andd tested under class 100 clean room.

    3. 100% High pressure helium test.

    4. Seat material : PCTFE or Vespel.