Grintimate Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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Mastering Key Technologies of Grinders. 

Closing to customer needs with total solutions.

GRINTIMATE PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD, - a professional manufacturer of high-precision hydrostatic grinding machines, with exclusive hydrostatic bearing technology, including advanced hydrostatic bearing spindles, hydrostatic rotary worktables and hydrostatic guideway modules.  Full series are equipped with a hydrostatic bearing system, providing high-precision, high-quality, low-wear and environmentally friendly precision processing machines to our customers.

The hydrostatic bearing system features high rigidity, vibration resistance, non-contact between metals, high loading capacity and long service life, well regarded in high-tech industries, electric vehicle industries, aerospace, medical, metal processing industries, perfect for the grinding of a wide range of materials such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, tungsten steel, ceramics, wafer, SiC, optical glass, etc.  Not only greatly improve the grinding efficiency but also maintain a stable and high precision accuracy during grinding.

Our main products include hydrostatic cylindrical plunge grinding machines-special purpose (CTS-100), hydrostatic cylindrical plunge grinding machines (CDC-series), hydrostatic cylindrical angular grinding machines (CAC-series) and horizontal hydrostatic rotary surface grinder (GRC-series).  Our Wafer Grinder GTR-1215 will be presented at SEMICON TAIWAN 2023 in this September.  Let’s expect it!!