Hajime Corporation

NEIHU CHIU,  Taipei City 
  • Booth: P5718

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Established in 1990, Hajime Corporation has served as the leading role in bringing the most advanced materials and technologies to the electronic industry. We provide a large variety of products, including materials and equipments for manufacturing PCB and Flexible PCBs (FPC).Hajime Corporation acts as the sale representative for the industrial adhesive tape from Sliontec, PU roller encapsulants for high top paper from Yamauchi, and soft acrylic board from CRD.Currently, the main product sold in Taiwan is UV dicing tape for semi-conductor industries. Also, there are a wide variety of single-/double-side industrial tapes sold in various industries.Hajime Corporation is also the dealer for British company Vision’s inspection equipments marketed to PCB, FPC and SMT semiconductors industry which is used during the production processes. In 2008, we brought newly designed image measuring equipments from self-owned brand Unifocus in order to provide better services to our clients.