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Your Ultimate Strategic Partner



That’s us, Hi-Tech Instruments (HTI)

As a team that has garnered an enviable reputation as ‘the local partner in Hi-Tech Instruments’, HTI is positioned to deploy the vast expertise and specialised knowledge to serve ASEAN and global markets beyond the region.

Our partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers have enabled us to reach the highest level of  sophistication in imaging and characterizing both micro- and nano-worlds. HTI takes pride in providing true customer specific solutions based on light, laser, x-ray, ion and electron excitation of materials.

Every unique success story is made possible through our unrivalled solution-specific approach. We have assisted customers in the fields of semiconductor, material science, green technology, nanotechnology, life and medical sciences, data storage technology, precision machining, environmental, earth and planetary sciences.

Our broad instrumentation range, in-house laboratory coupled with our expertise and experience cuts turnaround time to a minimum, thus enabling all of our new   or existing customers to expeditiously implement our solutions into their laboratories or facilities.

HTI has continuously achieved high level of customer satisfaction through our proven and documented track record of outstanding tool uptime and exceptional service records. Professional support, consultation, comprehensive in-house training courses as well as our ability to anticipate our client’s needs are attributes that engraved in HTI’s reputation. 

Hi-Tech Instruments ……..........…you might say that we are “instruments” to the solution


    SIMS Technology - always one step ahead...

    • Surface imaging: High lateral resolution (<50 nm) 
    • Surface spectroscopy: new level of mass resolution (>30,000) and sensitivity
    • Unique delayed extraction mode for high transmission with high lateral and high mass resolution simultaneously
    • Depth profiling: Unmatched dynamic range and detection limits from nm to um
    • Gas cluster ion source for best resolution in organic depth profiling
    • 3D analysis: Don't miss anything - Retrospective Analysis
    • Hybrid SIMS: TOF MS/MS with the highest mass resolution (>240,000) and highest mass accuracy (<1 ppm) for molecular structure elucidation
    • SIMS/SFM hybrid: true 3D chemical analysis