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A Passion to Keep Light-weight, High-precision, and High-strength

Alex Global Aerospace Technology Inc. (AGA) is an affiliate of the Alex Group. Founded in 1987, Alex Group is one of othe world's largest developers and manufacturers of high-level bicycle rims.

In 2003, AGA was founded to extend the group's expertise and superior manufacturing in alloy into forged aluminum and magnesium products. 

With more than 20 years of experience, We know everything about Aluminum Alloy

Material is one of the most important elements in producing quality Forged Aluminum Wheels. For more than 20 years, we have been continuously studing and improving Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys. Searching for the best combination of Alloy materials to build Forged Aluminum Wheels. Knowing everything about Aluminum Alloy is our job and our passion.

All In-house, From Al. & Mag. Furnaces

In order to assure the best quality level, AGA insists on continous big-amount investments in keeping all process in-house. Two of the most vital investments were one in-house aluminum and one magnesium furnaces, which make AGA the most versatile material specialist to self-produce all-series alloy materials for producing quality products.

Of course, all other manufacturing, processing, and quality control, including  forging, flow-forming, heat treatment,turning, milling, and many others, AGA owns the most advanced equipment to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. 

AGA's Forged Products

Forged aluminum & magnesium wheels for truck, car, motorcycle, special vehicle etc. applications.

Forged semi-conducctor equipment parts.

Aerospace & defense products.