Alishan Diamond Technology Corp.

新北市,  Taiwan
  • Booth: J2946


Alishan Diamond is the first company in Taiwan to specialize in growing laboratory-grown diamonds using advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology. Founded by Lee Cheng-Min, who has expertise in diamond industrial processes, Alishan Diamond is Taiwan’s only “self-produced and self-sold” (producing CVD diamonds) company.

Here are some key points about Alishan Diamond:

Focus Area:

Alishan Diamond specializes in growing laboratory diamonds using cutting-edge CVD technology.

Their core values are “Bountiful,” “Commitment,” and “Everlasting.”

Products and Solutions:

CVD Diamonds: High-quality lab-grown diamonds.

CVD Seed Crystals: Used as seed crystals for diamond growth.

Jewelry-Grade Diamonds: Ideal for creating unique jewelry pieces.

Industrial Diamond Tools: Supplied to tool manufacturers for creating diamond tools.

Customized solutions for various industries.

World Patents:

Alishan Diamond holds invention patents in Taiwan, the United States, and India.

Taiwan Patent No: I 771779

India Patent No: 425714

U.S. Patent: Application in progress (US125546PA)

Alishan Diamond also specializes in manufacturing jewelry-grade, environmentally friendly, conflict-free lab-grown diamonds, allowing you to enjoy the brilliance of diamonds without the burden.