Alliance Material Co., Ltd.

Hsinchu County,  Taiwan
  • Booth: L0020

Find Your Customized Solution, AMC Materials.


Alliance Material Co. Ltd is the innovator in adhesive materials used to provide customized solutions for advanced processes in diverse fields including semiconductors. Our expertise in formula modulation at macromolecule materials enables customers to meet any process conditions. At AMC Materials, you would find a unique solution from a different perspective.

Core Technology

Semiconductor Process Material

  • Probe Card Clean Sheet
  • FT Clean Pad
  • Molding Release Film
  • BGBM Tape

Functional Material

  • Warpage Control and Carrier Film
  • Thermal, UV, Laser, and Cool De-bonding
  • Acid, Chemical, High-Temperature Resistance

Adhesive Application Material 

  • Ultra-high Adhesion
  • Micro Adhesion
  • Special Adhesion