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With "semiconductor test instruments and system technology development", AMIDA develops and builds Power IC testing systems, Mixed Signal IC testing systems and High Power MOSFET、IPM、IGBT、SiC、GaN testing systems for semiconductor manufacturers. And offer CMOS image sensor module test solutions for high-throughput inspection of CIS, Camera modules & lenses. We have also developed AMIDA VCSEL/Lidar Wafer Measurement System and TOF test resolution.

In recent years, AMIDA technology has been working with specific customer strategies to successfully develop the high-power test Solutions (AMIDA-36XP Tester), in automotive electronics, smart grids, energy-saving appliances ... And other emerging industries, providing the most efficient measurement needs.

The latest generation of AMIDA-5000 Tester was launched to market, not only greatly improve the speed of parallel testing ability, in the performance of high-order chips especially bright eye, AMIDA technology has really for the international leadership brand goals towards a new milestone.


  • AMIDA ATI-600 Discrete Tester
    ATI-600 is a multi-function test system. It is especially suitable for CP or FT mass production with high speed and high accuracy....

  • AMIDA ATI 600 Tester is a semiconductor component (MOSFET, BJT, diode,... etc.) dedicated test system, through the filling form and editable programmable control, accurate and rapid measurement of product parameters. In practical applications, AMIDA ATI 600 Tester is the best choice for users, whether it is a CP or FT mass production test or a research project on component characteristics.

    • Up to 4 sites/stations parallel test
    • Different site can test different function
    • Suitable for wafer and package test
    • Suitable for testing device more than 3 pins
    • Software develop not only table-wise, but also programmable
    • Option: High current, High Voltage, CG/RG, UIL, QG

  • AMIDA ATI-36XP High Power Discrete Tester

    ATI-36XP is a multifunctional test system, specially designed for Power IC testing,
    including MOSFET, IGBT, SiC, and IPM.
    - Supports up to 8 sites for parallel testing.
    - Support to 3000V/300A

  • ATI-36XP is a multifunctional test system, specially designed for power semiconductor component in power management, which can test a variety of power devices including MOSFET、IGBT、SiC、GaN and IPM.  A variety of combined board module resources can provide customers with a variety of customized testing solutions. The current and voltage specifications up to 6000V/1000A can meet the test requirements of most power devices. AMIDA 36XP series test machine has been fully optimized for the previous generation to reach better integration, better anti-interference ability and faster test speed.  At the same time, customers can also reasonably control costs through the selection of various module configurations.

    Best choice for engineering verification & high volume production testing!!

  • AMIDA-5000 Analog &Mixed Signal Testing Solution
    AMIDA-5000 is an advanced analog & mix-signal Solution.
    - Combining analog, mixed signal and logic.
    - High pin - 512 smart multi-function pin structures
    - Support parallel testing up to 128 stations.

  • AMIDA 5000 is a high-end performance test system, the latest test solution combining analog, mixed signal and logic. High pin count-there are as many as 512 smart multi-function pin structures and 128 stations. The ability to provide cost-optimized test solutions for various consumer components in power management and mobile device components.

    It can be easily connected to all well-known wafer probers and handlers, and also supports parallel testing. AMIDA 5000 series meets customers' needs for high-precision, high-resolution, high-reliability, convenient user interface and low-cost test and measurement of the test system.

  • AMIDA-2020XP CMOS Image Sensor Tester
    All in One Tester
    - DC Test / Pattern Test / Image Test
    - Small Package Size
    - Flexible Upgrade

  • The AMIDA 2020XP CIS tester is the latest generation of CMOS image sensing dedicated measurement instrument from AMIDA Technology. In addition to the original real and accurate measurement, it is a high-throughput mass production solution designed for high-throughput inspection of image lens modules and camera lenses. After nearly 20 years of mass production experience, it has been well-received by domestic and foreign first-class manufacturers.

    The AMIDA 2020XP CIS testing machine not only meets the customer's testing time and high output and accuracy requirements. Within the scope of functional flexibility, users can customize their own measurement requirements according to the definition of various sensors.

    AMIDA 2020XP CIS tester is a new generation of CMOS Image Sensor dedicated tester, which integrates DC Open/short/leakage test, AC Pattern test and image test. It uses 180 Pin high-speed cable to connect to the test terminal.

  • AMIDA-400X VCSEL /LiDAR testing System AMIDA-400X
    AMIDA 400X is a fully automatic optical sensor testing system, designed for 100 ns LiDAR chips and tested at the CP station....

  • AMIDA 400X supports Reverse Leak/ LIV, FF, NF 3 in 1 or 3 separate testing requirements for high-efficiency, high volume production testing.  AMIDA Technology can provide professional solutions for customized testing requirements.  The current and voltage specifications of 40V/30A, the high-speed pulse of 100 ns and the ultra-wide duty cycle of 0.001%-50% can meet the test requirements of most LiDAR devices.  Also, it supports wafer-level products with up to 60 channels and a size of less than 10 mm.

    The AMIDA 400X series testing machine has been optimized for the severe warpage of VCSEL wafer, and has been optimized in cooperation with the probe solution, realizing automatic wafer loading and unloading, automatic needle alignment, and an automatic wafer testing solution that supports the EAP system. The AMDIA 400X series is currently the test solution with the highest test efficiency, the highest degree of automation, and the highest data reliability on the market.  It is the best choice for R&D verification and high volume production testing of 100 ns LiDAR devices.  

    • Optical Mechanism + Probe Card integrated design testing solution
    • Reverse Leak and LIV Testing on Single Station
    • Auto Load and Auto Needle Alignment
    • Support Mutli-site and Multi-channel Product
    • Quick Diagnosis and Easy Calibration
    • Support Software Customization
    • Easy Debug Mode for ENG