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Welcome to APEXGREEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Booth No. P5618.


Founded in 2013, APEXGREEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. develops, designs, manufactures, sells, and services the environmental equipment for enterprises concerned with the control of waste orgainc solvent treatment, particulate and gaseous emissions.

Our Service

• Solvent Thermal Pyrolysis

• Air Pollution Control Equipment

• Thermal Plasma Waste Treatment

• Waste Heat to Power

• Boiler Efficiency Improvement

• Reformers for Hydrogen Production

Having an extensive engagement with diverse sectors and tie-ups with technology majors, ITRI and Academia Sinica, has empowered Apexgreen to deliver unmatched solutions to its clientele and offers multifold benefits to process driven industries like Semiconductor, Chemical, Waste management, Plastic sheets, etc. helping comply with stipulated emission norms.

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  • Air Pollution Control Equipment
    The system uses a special fibrous zeolite to concentrate VOCs by 10-20 times. VOCs are oxidized and decomposed by a combustion catalyst above 200°C. Recovered heat energy is reused to improve overall energy efficiency....

  • Characteristic


    The system utilizes a special Fibrous zeolite as absorbent material which Operates in Dual-Tower or Multi-Tower switching mode and effectively concentrates VOCs by 10-20 times. The concentrated VOCs are then subjected to Oxidation and decomposition by combustion catalyst at the temperatures above 200℃. The recovered heat energy is given back to facilitate the desorption step and oxidation step, which improves the overall energy efficiency.


    It can be used in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, chemical processes, and any other operation that generates VOC emissions. In addition, the system can also provide solutions for the control and treatment of organic compounds such as acid gases and oil vapors.


    ▁High-Efficiency Adsorption
    Featuring a tube design and a high surface area porous structure, the adsorption material ensures rapid and precise adsorption, even at low flow rates, delivering unmatched performance. VOC emissions are effectively reduced to less than 10ppm, achieving a reduction rate of over 95%.

    ▁Efficient and Sustainable Regeneration
    Regeneration of Adsorbent material may be carried out by increasing the temperature to 150-180℃, a significantly lower temperatures compared to traditional methods with a lifespan of over 6 years.

    ▁Efficient VOCs Reduction
    Catalyst Oxidation initiates at a low temperature of 200℃ and VOC emissions are effectively achieving a reduction rate of over 99%.

    ▁Modular Design
    Air Flow Capacity: 30~350 ton|System is Scalable as needed|Space Saving
  • Reformed Hydrogen & Application
    Our system produces hydrogen from carbon-hydrogen compounds and water via catalytic reactions. The hydrogen boosts combustion efficiency and lowers emissions. Waste heat from boilers is recovered through heat exchangers, cutting additional fuel needs....

  • Characteristic


    The system utilizes carbon-hydrogen compounds, such as natural gas, and water as feedstock to generate hydrogen gas through catalytic reactions. This hydrogen gas can be used as auxiliary fuel for combustion equipment, enhancing combustion efficiency and improving emissions quality. One of the key benefits of this system lies in the utilization of waste heat. High-temperature exhaust gases generated by boilers contain significant thermal energy. By employing heat exchangers, we recover this waste heat and utilize it as the energy source for initiating the reactions, effectively reducing the need for additional fuel.


    This solution finds extensive application in various scenarios, including auxiliary combustion in burner systems and atmosphere protection in metal manufacturing processes, etc.


    ▁Efficient Hydrogen Generation

    ▁Enhanced Combustion Efficiency

    ▁Improved Emissions Quality

    ▁Waste Heat Recovery
  • Heat to Electricity
    Generate power directly from heat with thermoelectric material & high-efficiency heat exchanger. Converts temp differences into electric voltage. Outputs DC or converts to AC via inverter. Can integrate with batteries for energy storage....

  • Characteristic


    This system generate power directly from the heat through thermoelectric material and high efficient heat exchanger which converting temperature differences into electric voltage. The power at the output is direct current (DC) or can be converted into alternating current (AC) via an inverter. Additionally, the system can be integrated with batteries for energy storage purposes.


    Industrial Processes, Transportation, Waste Heat, natural heat sources like geothermal energy and hot springs.


    ▁No fuel
    It directly converts temperature differences into electricity, eliminating pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

    ▁Silent and vibration-free
    No Mechanical moving parts result in silent and vibration-free operation, and reduce noise and mechanical wear and tear.

    ▁Long lifespan
    No moving components lead to longer lifespans and lower maintenance costs


    ▁Output Power: 10 Watts
    ▁Recommended Temperature: 90°C For liquid heat sources and 150°C for gaseous heat sources.
    ▁Output: Direct current (DC) or Alternating current (AC); The output voltage can be customized.
    ▁Heat Source: Combustion flue gases, steam, thermal radiation, hot liquids, and hot surfaces.
    ▁Cooling Method: Air, Water (Recommended)
  • Thermal Plasma Torch
    Flame temperature up to 2,000℃ processes all types of waste, including organic and inorganic substances from electronic and chemical exhausts. Achieves 99% Destruction and Removal Efficiency for CF4 and C2F6 from semiconductor processing....

  • Characteristic


    Flame Temperature can be as high as 2,000℃ can process alll kinds of waste, which inclue organic or inorganic substances, exhausts from electronic or chemical proceesing. The heating system can achieve a 99% of Destruction and Removal Efficiency for CF4 and C2F6 from Semiconductor processing.


    Chemical Industries, Semiconductor Industries, Electronic Industries, Waste Treatment Industries, etc.


    ▁Highly Durable Electrode
    Exclusive design provides a long-life electrode, which support a useful lifetime of 500 hours operating.

    ▁Removal consumable-The parts in torch is replaceable, which is good for the environment and cost.

    ▁High Treatment Efficiency
    The destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) of more than 95% was achieved for PFCs. It can be successfully used to abate all of the global warming gases in the semiconductor industry.

    ▁Fast Startup
    Rapid Heating/Cooling Speed, Fast Startup, No Warm-up Time
  • Waste-Solvent Treatment and Energy Reuse
    APEXGREEN's pyrolysis system converts complex organic solvent wastes into simpler compounds like hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and methane, reducing waste and pollution while generating energy....

  • Characteristic


    Organic solvent wastes are usually complicated and rich in long, heavy hydrocarbon molecules, which can be cracked by high temperature in the absence of oxygen. Resulted pieces of hydrocarbon molecules composed of much simpler compounds including hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane etc. APEXGREEN’s pyrolysis system is the "best in class" waste-to-energy technology to reduce waste & pollution and Re-Generate energy.


    Chemical Industries, Semiconductor Industries, Electronic Industries, Waste Treatment
    Industries, etc.e energy.


    ▁Wide Application
    Various Organic Waste Solvents can be processed.

    ▁Modular Design
    Monthly Capacity: 30~350 ton|System is Scalable as needed|Space Saving

    ▁The Diversity of Re-Generate Energy
    -Decompose any organic waste solvent to produce combustible fuel gas, etc.|Low Emission and pollution in the waste treatment

    ▁A Circular Economy
    -Reduce the waste treatment cost|Regenerate Energy|Reduce Carbon Emission