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  1. ArchiAct Technology, Crop.

We are a group of members who are delicate to do dynamic testing, measurement, control, monitoring and providing best solutions in researching and testing. For the maintenance of automation equipment and semiconductor equipment, it provides practical measurement, testing, automation and equipment predictive maintenance and monitoring in the manufacturing process.

We provide two solutions of predictive maintenance and long-term monitoring for the equipment maintenance of "Smart Factory":

  (1) Regular Inspection System

  (2) Long-term monitoring / Diagnosis System

Introduce the world's most advanced data acquisition and testing instruments and sensors and provide professional instrument consulting and perfect measurement solutions. The data can be combined with the cloud knowledge of the platform to accurately plan the normal operation of your equipment and long-term monitoring and diagnosis. , in order to prevent the occurrence of abnormal situations, such as preventing the harm caused by gas leakage reaching environmental safety monitoring or reducing costs, and even digitizing monitoring equipment to provide complete consulting and construction services for digital transformation needs.

We provide: 1A , 3B, 6C

1A: A Best Provider in Dynamic Test, Measurement, and Control Solutions


3B:  Best Products, Best Solutions, Best Service


6C( Core Value-): BRICKS

B: Brightness- Intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty solution


R: Responsibility- The state of being responsible and accountable to customer,

                                      shareholder and society

I: Integration- The act and process of making total solution to customer

C: Creativity – To create mutual value with customers and employee

K: Knowledge –Advancing Knowledge learning and sharing

S: Service – Provide the best service to customer

  BRICKS : The cornerstone of success(The Arc de Triomphe)

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