ARCS Precision Technology Co, Ltd.

Xiushui Township,  Changhua County 
  • Booth: K2186

ARCS is the No.1 Video Measuring Manufacturer in Taiwan.


ARCS Precision provides customers the High Accuracy, Fast Speed and Good Stability video measuring system. With measuring software, can provide customers optimal solutions in the design, production and quality checking fields.


Video measuring system can replace calipers and projector, to solve the measuring inconvenience or enhance measuring precision. With measurement software and computer’s computing ability, can provide customers optimal solutions in the following fields,

  1. Design, By video measuring system, can zoom the trial workpiece image, marked the all dimensions and compare with the CAD DXF file directly. We absolutely can shorten thedesign and development schedule, to save the time and manpower.
  2. Production, PE staffs can compare the production workpiece with the design directly. It can confirm the precision and improve the yield rate.
  3. Quality checking, QC staffs can use the video measuring to increase the rate of inspection, to confirm the production quality. The measuring software can convert the huge measuring values into specified statistical reports in Excel or SPC.
  4. Communication, all departments and staffs using the same measuring report to communicate with, it will setup a good communication platform.
  5. Efficiency cost, All above mention advantages can be reached by using the video measuring system, it will cost down and raise the competitive strength.


The video measuring system can not only help the traditional industries to enhance the productivity and competitiveness, such as lathes, presses, stamping, precision molds, all kinds of rubber and plastic and ceramic output industry, but also the currently most popular of the industry, such smart-phones, tablet PCs and ultra-thin notebook relative  design and manufacturing field, it be asked by the high-precision to develop in the touch panel, semiconductor packages, electronic components and optical communications components. Even the industry of the future, such as solar, LED and biotechnology industry can use the video measurement system.