Asphericon GmbH

Jena,  Germany
  • Booth: I3029

asphericon. Optical systems from a single source.


Founded in 2001, asphericon is one of the technology leaders in the field of aspheric optics and systems. By combining a worldwide unique CNC control technology with high-end manufacturing processes, asphericon routinely achieves unique levels of dimensional precision for optical components, assemblies and systems. The latest manufacturing technologies, continually evolving proprietary control software, world-class metrology equipment, and highly qualified employees ensure that asphericon can provide more than 800 customers worldwide with innovative solutions. asphericon assists its customers from the initial optical design, through manufacturing and coating, precision metrology, optical characterization to the assembly of optical modules to complete ready-made systems - everything at a space approved quality level.


  • Optical Components
    Explore a wide range of custom and standard optics - from high quality aspheres, axicons and acylinders, to mirrors and reflectors, to high precision mounted optics, freeforms and doublets for all wavelengths, using a wide range of materials....

  • asphericon offers individual solutions designed to suit your optical applications. Discover a variety of customized optical elements as well as in-stock standard optics - from high-quality aspherical lenses, axicons and acylinders to optical mirrors, spherical lenses and mounted optics.

    Wavelengths: UV, VIS, NIR, MIR
    Materials: all optical glasses, fused silica, optical crystals (CaF2, Sapphire), IR materials (IR glasses, silicon, germanium), polymers, metals
    Shapes: aspheres, axicons, acylinders, spheres, mirrors, doublets/multiplets, freeforms
  • Optical Systems
    asphericon designs, develops and manufactures complete assemblies and optical systems suitable for your applications....

  • We support you from the initial feasibility study through prototype construction to precise system integration. Benefit from our in-house manufactured high precision mounts, assembly in ISO 5 and ISO 7 certified clean room facilities and standardized test and documentation processes. All from a single source.
  • BeamTuning
    asphericon BeamTuning for beam expansion, fiber collimation and beam shaping at the next level....

  • Discover our comprehensive range of laser beam processing elements, the various combination possibilities and create your individual product selection. Our beam shapers easily transform collimated Gaussian beams into collimated Top-Hat beams. Want to generate focused or squared beam profiles? No problem with our AiryShape and SqAiryShape. Use our VariColl collimator to create perfect input conditions for all subsequent beam shaping optics. Last but not least: discover the world's first aspheric and diffraction-limited beam expander. Meet us @Semicon Taiwan!
  • Optical & Mechanical Design
    From product architecture and design through implementation. Based on your requirements and specifications, asphericon develops optimal solutions for optical applications....

  • When realizing individual design solutions, asphericon is focused on development, production times and outstanding quality, while always keeping an eye on the economical efficiency. In addition to the optical design of refractive, diffractive and reflective elements, the expertise of our employees also includes system design specially designed to meet the requirements of ultrashort laser pulses. Speak to us!
  • Coating / Thin-film
    High-end optical coatings in the spectral range from UV to near infrared for demanding optical components with reasonable delivery times and reliable service - that's optical lens coating made by asphericon....

  • Equipped with the most modern production and measurement technologies available on the market and an experienced team of technicians, we turn your ideas into reality. Are you looking for a customized optical coating for your application? asphericon's portfolio includes:

    • Dielectric anti-reflective coatings,
    • Dielectric Mirrors,
    • Metallic mirrors,
    • Filter Layers and
    • beam splitters.

    Depending on the individual properties of the material and the requirements of the optical system, we select the appropriate coating technology for your project. Electron beam evaporation, ion beam assisted deposition or sputtering can be used.