Atkinsorb Co., Ltd

Hsinchu City,  Taiwan
  • Booth: Q6357


Atkinsorb is a solution provider for special waste/toxic gas treatment.  We develop the safest, and customized product follow the minimum environment consumption rule.

Our products includes:

  1. a whole series chemical adsorbents granulates for dry scrubber
  2. patented column for dry local scrubber
  3. gas monitor solutions

Advantages of CDCDS,

1.Lower cost
2.High effectiveness
3.Easy to maintain
4.Patent and certification from NTUST and ITRI

Cyclone Dust Collection Dry Scrubber (CDCDS) have some advantages such as lower prices, high effectiveness, convenience for maintain. Customers can save replacement time and increase their production because CDCDS has the effect of highly effective adsorbtion of PH3, AsH3 and BF3. The CDCDS invented by Atkinsorb’s R&D team has been certified by ITRI, and we believe that it will create more values for the semicondoctor industry in the future.