Attach Point Intelligent Equipment Co.,LTD

Ayer Rajah Crescent,  Singapore
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API, as an advanced packaging equipment manufacturer focusing on high-end equipment manufacturing, is committed to providing world-class high-end equipment and precision packaging solutions for electronic micro devices and chip devices. Our service network covers Singapore, the United States, Japan, China and other countries, providing all-round technical support and considerate services to the world.

API's core team has assembled top experts from world-renowned semiconductor giants Yamaha, Hitachi, ASMPT, TDK, LGIT, Goertek Microelectronics and Keyence, and also owns elite engineers from top research and development institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Aerospace Sciences, and the National Energy Laboratory of the United States.,the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Innovation Center and the Harbin Institute of Technology. Top experts in various fields have continuously invested in core technologies such as motion control drives, precision machinery, thermosolid flow simulation, optical images, micro-nano motors, and industrial software for many years, and conducted cutting-edge research on semiconductor back-end processes, so as to continuously innovate and Introduced a new generation of semiconductor packaging equipment. Whether is the CMOS die bonder, Ultra-thin-stacked-die Bonder  or the COB inline Solution, our products have achieved comprehensive coverage of precision placement and advanced PNP processes, and have widely recognized and trusted by leading semiconductor packaging and testing manufacturers. 

API not only takes it as a mission to facilitate the upgrade of global precision intelligent manufacturing industry , but also aspires to become a global leader in precision pick-and-place technology. We always customer focused, continue to innovate and surpass ourselves, and provide more innovative micro-nano high-precision packaging solutions for semiconductor advanced packaging.