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Welcome to ACS MC, the place for Smarter Motion solutions.

ACS Promise

We are always ready to rise to the challenge to deliver smart, best-performing motion control solutions for the most demanding applications, developed and supported in partnership with you and in-line with your needs

About ACS
ACS Motion Control is a global company providing EtherCAT® network based high performance machine control systems for motion centric applications. Since 1985, ACS Motion Control has provided state of the art control solutions to world leading manufacturers, such as GE, Philips, Applied Materials, Samsung and LG. ACS has its international headquarters in Israel with sales and support centers in the USA, Germany, China and S. Korea.

Backed by an ISO9001-certified design and manufacturing facility with an ongoing commitment to quality control and reliability testing, ACS Motion Control works with an experienced and well trained full solution provider network that provides sales support and customer service worldwide.

With proven technical expertise and application experience, ACS Motion Control ensures that customers realize a true competitive advantage by enhancing their accuracy and throughput.

 Press Releases

  • ACS expands its NanoPWM™ technology based servo drive family to include a rack mount enclosure version that offers a cost-effective replacement to linear drives

    “ACS has developed the NanoPWM family of PWM drives to provide a more compact and economical alternative to linear servo drives for applications such as wafer metrology and inspection, ultra-precision machining for processing of optical components and FPD inspection, that demand the ultimate performance with regards to stand still jitter, low velocity tracking errors and the fastest move and settle. The off-the-shelf NPArm rack-mounted Series is our latest addition to this expanding family, offering a fully integrated package of up to eight NanoPWM drives and power supply that delivers better performance, efficiency and reliability in a smaller package versus linear servo drives” said Ze’ev Kirshenboim, ACS Motion Control President.

    The NPArm includes up to four pairs of two-drive plug-in modules with output current range between 3.3/10A and 13.3/40A (continuous/peak), and a 3.2kW power supply with single or dual output voltages, providing 48V or 96V or both.  Three-phase as well as single-phase servo motors are supported. The current loop can be tuned via DIP switches, or fine-tuned using the ACS’ SPiiPlus MMI Application.

    For more information about ACS control solutions, visit

    Contact ACS at 7444 W 78th Street, Bloomington, MN  55439; call 763-559-7669 ext.131; e-mail; or go to

  • The new and unique SPiiPlusES multi-axis controller expands the motion control capability of any EtherCAT automation controller with up to 64 high performance axes …

    ACS Motion Control has launched a unique multi-axis motion controller that includes a high-speed EtherCAT-to-EtherCAT bridge to address the needs of highly demanding modern equipment.
    The SPiiPlusES combines ACS’ powerful motion controller capabilities with an external EtherCAT network master controller. The SPiiPlusES is used both as a node in any EtherCAT Automation Controller network, and as a EtherCAT Master controlling up to 64 axes and thousands of I/O.
    Acting as an EtherCAT node, the SPiiPlusES supports the standard DS402 drive protocol as well as manufacturer specific commands.
    As an EtherCAT Master Controller, the SPiiPlusES also controls up to 64 fully synchronized axes with an EtherCAT cycle rate up to 5KHz. The network can be comprised of any ACS Universal Drive Modules, NanoPWM Drive Modules, I/O modules, as well as third party EtherCAT modules.
    Applications that use an EtherCAT automation controller, such as semiconductor processing, laser micro-machining, electronics manufacturing and digital printing, can benefit from the unique and advanced capabilities of the SPiiPlusES motion controller and ACS drives to enhance accuracy and throughput.

    “The SPiiPlusES delivers high performance motion control capabilities such as advanced profile generation, faster EtherCAT cycle rates, network redundancy, and advanced control algorithms for mechanically coupled systems such as gantries, tripods, hexapods,
    and more, to enhance performance, reliability and machine uptime,” said Jason Goerges, Product Marketing Manager. “The SPiiPlusES significantly expands the motion performance and capabilities of multi axes machines controlled by EtherCAT based automation controllers and PLCs.”


  • NPArm
    2 to 8 Motor NanoPWM Drives System with ±10V Current Commutation Commands...

    • The Ultimate Modular Drive for Demanding Positioning Applications
      • Sub-nanometer standstill jitter
      • Nanometer tracking error and optimal velocity smoothness
    • Fully Integrated 19” Rack Mounted Drive Module
      • 2, 4, 6, 8 drives
      • Motor phase current: 3.3A/10A, 6.6A/20A, 10A/30A, 13.3A/40A (sine-amplitude cont./peak)
      • 3.2kW Drive Power Supply. Input: 100-240Vac.
      • Single and Dual Drive Supply Voltage:
        96Vdc, 32A
        48Vdc, 64A
        96Vdc and 48Vdc, 32A
    • Replacing Linear Drives While Gaining All the Advantages of PWM Drives
      • ±10v current commutation commands
      • DRBoost Current command Dynamic range control
      • Current control dynamic range > 100db (100,000:1)
      • Lower heat dissipation
      • Better reliability
      • ASignificantly smaller
      • Simpler supply requirements
      • Digitally controlled and easy setup
      • STO (Safe Torque Off)
      • Built-in motor phases shortening relays
  • NPMpm
    EtherCAT® Dual & Single Axis NanoPWM Drive Module...

  • Powerful & Smart EtherCAT Drive Module
    > Two drives per module for Gantry control
    > Voltage: 12Vdc – 100Vdc
    > Current: Up to 13.3A / 40A (cont./peak)

    The Ultimate Drive for Demanding Positioning Applications
    • Sub-nanometer standstill jitter
    • Nanometer tracking error and optimal velocity
    A Lower Cost of Ownership Alternative to Linear Drives
    > Lower heat dissipation
    > Better reliability
    > Significantly smaller
    > Simpler supply requirements
    > Digitally controlled and easy setup

    Uncompromised speed and resolution
    Up to 4 Analog Sin-Cos 1Vptp encoders with frequency up to 10MHz
    > Encoder multiplication of 4 to 65,536
    > Automatic encoder compensation and error detection
    > Dual feedback support
    > Two squared Sin-Cos
    > Position feed forward for active vibration isolation systems
    > Optional internal relays for dynamic braking (shorting motor phases)

    Smart Motion related I/O
    > Digital I/O
       › Inputs: 4 encoder registration MARK / general purpose
       › Outputs: 2 Position Event Generators, 2 motor brake / general purpose
    > Analog I/O
       › Inputs: 4, 12 bit resolution, +/-10V
       › Outputs: 4, 16 bit resolution, +/-10V

  • SPiiPlusES
    High Performance Multi-Axis Controller With Built-in EtherCAT_to_EtherCAT Bridge...

  • SPiiPlusES as a node
    > Can be managed by any EtherCAT Automation Controller
    > Standard DS402 protocol supporting up to 8 axes
    > With manufacturer's specific commands supporting up to 64 axes
    > Distributed clock
    > Up to 5kHz EtherCAT cycle rate

    SPiiPlusES as an EtherCAT Master
    > Identical to SPiiPlusEC, the most powerful EtherCAT Motion Controller
    > Up to 64 axes and many I/Os
    > Up to 5kHz EtherCAT cycle rates
    > for cable failure detection and recovery
    > Can be synchronized to the distributed clock of the external network

    The SPiiPlusES combines the powerful SPiiPlusEC Motion Controller and a high speed EtherCAT_to_EtherCAT bridge.
    It expands the capability of any EtherCAT Automation Controller to manage up to 64 axes and thousands of I/O.
    Any application in the fields of Semiconductors, Laser micro-machining, Electronics manufacturing, digital printing
    and more, that uses an EtherCAT automation controller will benefit from the unique and advanced capabilities of
    ACS motion controller and drives to enhanced accuracy and throughput.

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