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- Where there is motion, there is NB -

- NB Corporation of America will be showcasing our new eXrail at SEMICON WEST 2017!!  

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Linear Motion Technology has grown to be a leading technology in the modern world. As a pioneer of linear motion bearings, Nippon Bearing (NB) serves various industries as the total linear motion system supplier.

NB Linear System’s components are Japan-made, reliable, and high-quality products, and are backed by years of technological advancements throughout NB’s history. We continue to develop new and integrated products, expanding our global presence with a worldwide sales network.

NB Linear Bearing Products include:

Linear Bushings: Single & Double types - INCH, Euro and Asian Metric Sizes, Flange type Linear Bushings

TOPBALL (High-load & Self-aligning)

Pillow Block Housed Units

Linear Shafting

Crossed Roller Guides and Gonio Ways

Linear Guides (Heavy Duty and Miniature Sizes)

Ball Splines(Standard and Customized), and

Linear Actuators(Positioning Systems)

 Press Releases

  • JUNE 13, 2017-linearmotiontips.com

    Due for release later this year, a linear bearing called the eXrail from NB Corp. of America is a linear guide rail using recirculating needle rollers to support loads over linear strokes. It’s useful in applications needing high precision (such as medical equipment, for example) thanks to high rigidity and motion accuracy — as well as the ability to damp vibrations. NB Corp. of America has released a fun video on the product — with an animation in which the “eXrail transforms into eXrail-1 to fight against the evil forces of fire, oil, and heavy metals” to protect slide guides from premature failure, according to playful manufacturer literature on the product.  

    Core to the eXrail linear guide’s performance are specialized needle-roller bearings; precision surfaces; and a specialized lubrication system.

    The eXrail incorporates needle rollers to reduce deformation and is equipped with three types of seals.

    The block sports a porous resin material soaked in oil to extend the time between maintenance …

    … So when installed on linear-motion axes, the linear guide satisfies industry demands for guides and linear bearings that are accurate and easy to maintain.

    Linear-bearing self-lubricating functionNBʼs eXrail has a porous resin material soaked in lubrication oil to extend maintenance intervals.  There are oil holes in three directions to give end users more flexibility for relubrication work.

    Linear-bearing needle rollers: Because linear guides affect the quality of the end product, the eXrail has longer slim-type needle rollers. More specifically, NBʼs needle rollers have half the diameter of conventional rollers — and are longer as well. Longer rollers mean increased contact area … and that in turn reduces contact pressure. Plus because the rollers are half the diameter, more rollers can fit in a given space.

    Within a linear-bearing block with conventional rollers, contact with the roller guide is focused on a small area — with high pressure concentrated on a small space.

    Within a linear-bearing block with NB’s needle rollers, contact with the roller guide is more spread out. So even though the block may carry the same load, the rollers distribute pressure more evenly.

    Another benefit to the linear bearing design is higher rigidity.

    Thanks to the needle rollersʼ reduced diameter, more rollers fit into the block volume. Because they distribute load more evenly, there’s less elastic deformation when carrying heavy loads. This in turn equates to 150% more rigidity than conventional linear bearings.

  • Mar 09, 2017 - machinedesign.com

    A wide variety of automation, medical, and laboratory applications require a system that is compact, accurate, and long lasting—even in compromised environments. The rotary ball spline can be a key component in such designs once you understand the technology and learn how it relates to your needs. While reading this article, keep your application in mind, and note that each element discussed will have an overall effect on your final design decision.

    Read this guide and review Basics of The Dynamic Technology Behind Rotary Splines, sponsored by NB Corp. who is Achieving Greater Linear Motion Accuracy for Less.


    Medical Application Example

    A robot that assists in orthopedic surgery provides the surgeon with greater precision than he or she may have using his or her own hands. The unit, ROBODOC, is preprogrammed with the movements required for the operation (see Fig. 4). The ball spline is used to control the vertical movement of the robotic arm as the robot mills the patient’s bone to a precise measurement. With its rotary function, ROBODOC uses the nut that rolls on the ball spline shaft—capable of both a linear and rotary motion— to adjust to the exact locations of the presurgical plan, providing sub-millimeter accuracy every time. Since a ball spline’s forte is the transfer of torque, it is the perfect bearing for this application, which has a lot of torque acting on the robotic arm. In addition, the engineers were able to run cabling the length of the robotic arm through a hollow shaft ball spline. Because the engineers needed a greater load rating to comply with the range of surgeries they chose a rotary ball spline with cross rollers as opposed to balls in the rotary motion. This provided the greater load rating needed without having to increase the size of the machine. The design used a customized NB Corporation SPR25A with a 25mm diameter hollow shaft, which worked perfectly for the application. 


  • the eXrail -Coming Late 2017-
    the eXrail - Integration of High Rigidity, High Motion Accuracy, and High Damping Capability!...

  • The eXrail is a linear guide rail system utilizing the recirculating motion of needle rollers. It is useful in various applications that require high precision, such as medical equipment, thanks to its high rigidity, high motion accuracy, and high damping capability features.

    The eXrail transforms into "eXrail-1" to fight against the evil forces of fire, oil, and heavy metals to protect the life of Slide Guides.

    To see eXrail-1 in action, visit:


    For more information on the eXrail visit:


  • Linear Actuator - BG Type
    NB’s award-winning BG linear actuators combine the functionality of a linear slide guide and precision ball screw in a single component!...

  • NB’s award-winning BG linear actuators combine the functionality of a linear slide guide and precision ball screw in a single component. Compact size and exceptional accuracy make BG single-axis actuators an ideal choice for many applications, including positioning, measurement, automotive and semiconductor equipment.

    The BG linear actuator consists of a linear slide block, guide rail and ball screws. They are housed in a U-shaped steel component and mounted to a sub table/motor bracket assembly. To accommodate a wide range of installations and applications, these high-speed linear actuators are available in various size and block type configurations. BG series linear actuators offer four key benefits:

    1. Reduced installation time

    Adjustment-free design that integrates linear slide guide and precision ball screws.

    2. High rigidity in a compact package

    They feature a unique U-shaped guide rail and a four-point contact configuration.

    3. High positioning accuracy

    Precision-machined components such as a guide rail, slide block and ball screw provide accuracy.

    4. A space-saving design

    BG single-axis actuators can be used in compact applications where other positioning tables won’t fit.


  • The "anti-cage-creep" STUDROLLER System!
    The STUDROLLER system is based on a new concept to provide prevention of roller cage slippage. This system enables "anti-cage-creep" during operation, making them ideal for use in vertical or high speed application....

  • Non-slip! STUDROLLER system (Rivet Roller Structure)

    New line up to STUDROLLER system NV/NVT type!
    Anti-corrosion NVS/NVTS well suited to clean room application!

    The STUDROLLER system is based on a new concept to provide prevention of roller cage slippage. This system enables "anti-cage-creep" during operation, making them ideal for use in vertical or high speed application.


    The number of effective rollers is increased by 20 to 55%. The contact area between the rollers and the raceway surface is increased by 42 to 58%. When compared with conventional SV types this increases the load rating from 1.4 to 2.3 times. Therefore, NV types contribute greatly to cost reduction and space saving by down sizing.

    Visit our site for more information:


    Anticorrosion NVS/NVTS Well Suited For Clean Room Applications!

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