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By combining our stamping technology with our in-house developed machine and tools, we developed thin sheet metal fins as a solution to overheating. We provide affordable, quality fins at short lead time, for quantities ranging from one to thousands pieces. By using our analysis software, we can recommend you the optimal structure, providing you with the best data right from your product development phase.

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  • We support your design, drawings, commissioned projects and evaluation by using 3D model and simulation with simle illustration and information of spec and function what you need.
  • Conventionally, metal parts and molding parts were ordered separately from different companies. Our prototype molding department, however, can produce both metal and molding parts together, thus reducing L/T of manufacturing prototypes.

    In particular, our technology of thin sheet metal processing show an effort for insert molding. As for precise injection molding and insert molding, our exceptional technology and the mold cassette enable the L/T of prototype to shorten. Regarding insert molding, it is the production method that insert metal parts into the mold and to be unified. We can also provide the service that is from producing the injection molding parts and press fit of metal parts and final assembly.

    By applying our technology and know-how of our original die-sets system for thin sheet metal to our mold technology,we can produce both metal parts and molding parts in-house together. Therefore we can provide the high quality prototype of metal/resin sets without futility and trouble.

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    The frution of method conversion of fins that are conventionally manufatured by machining, extrusion, and die casting. That is stamping, and one of the advantages of fin stamping of thin sheet metal is to expand the surface area in order to increase the heat radiation efficiency. Moreover, it can be manufactured the various materials that are aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and other special materials. Of course,our fins are provided from prototypes to mass production.

    As for stamping of heat sink, it is possible to provide the shape that expand the surface area for fitting fins to the heat source for diffusing heat. Mainly the material that has good thermal conductivity such as aluminum and copper, moreover you can chose the stainless steel and the plating steel depending on the purpose.


  • Our Original Die -Sets System
    Short delivery, high-volume parts, the same precision and method as that of mass productuion. The most suitable method for processing sheet metal is provided upon your purpose, precision, quality, delivery, budget, and the number of parts....

  • We will provide solutions of a sort of the following ideas or imaginations.
    • If only this prototype was done with a littre tolerance same as that of mass productuion...
    • If only the total cost was reduced to manufacture only five thousand products...
    • We can produce by the simple dies until the mass production-dies are finished to manufacture.
    • If only there were a large number of products for test run of the automated machine.
    • Since the spring of material is needed, I would like to blank with a simple die-set.

    There are three levels of prototyping from prototype to mass production run.

  • Injection molding (Metal / Resin sets)
    Shorter deliveries are realized by our high technics. Insert molding is technique that unifies parts by putting metal parts into a resin mold. We manage to produce good quality prototypes in minimum time and cost....

    • Both Metal dies and molding molds are manufactured in-house.
      During jointing, either die / mold will be adjusted.
    • A set order enables to confirm jointing by CAD quickly.
      And that makes to move into production rapidly.
    • All process which will be done in-house enables to launch products onto the market rapidly.
  • Radiation Fins
    Innovation partner, solve your problems of heat with thin sheet metal...

  • For customers having problems with heat and electrode, we provide the prototype and mass production fins of complex shapes such like, corrugated, offset, louver, waving and so on, for heat sinks, heat exchangers, current collectors.

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