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Welcome to Artwork Conversion Software

Artwork Conversion Software develops CAD translators, high speed viewers and high resolution rasterizers (vector to bitmap) for CAD data bases such as GDSII, Gerber, DXF, MEBES, OASIS, ODB++ (and more) for output to desktop or wide-format printers and plotters.

We also write interface tools from all PCB software to simulation tools like Ansoft, AWR, CST, Agilent EDA and others. We can also export 3D data from your PCB so you can load that to tools such as ProEngineer, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and others.

Artwork also supplies tools for handling large IC layout databases: Qckvu3 GDSII, OASIS and MEBES viewer; QISLib, a GDSII and OASIS library for viewing, editing, and fracturing; GDS_RIP, a high resolution rasterizer for mask writers and inspection equipment and QckBool, a boolean polygon geometry engine.

We work with many EDA vendors and equipment makers who license our tools and integrate it directly to their applications.

 Press Releases

  • GBR2GREYSCALE is a raster image processor designed to convert the Gerber photoplotter format (RS274X) into a greyscale TIFF bitmap for use by image writers and machine vision and inspection equipment (AOI). ODB++ Interface is available as well.
  • QisMLib is a GDSII/OASIS library that enables a client to display and manipulate GDSII/OASIS data using a simple set of function calls. The M version (for Multi-Threaded) is the result of several years of work; the "explosion" of data is now thread based and can take advantage of many processor cores sharing the same pool of memory.

    Clip Extraction - Many applications in metrology require extraction of hundreds or thousands of small windows from a very large layout file. 

    Net Tracing - Equipment such as FIBs used for active circuit analysis and modification benefit from being able to view the CAD data and trace out the net connections. 

  • InkRaster is a second generation Gerber rasterizer optimized for inkjet printing of photo-resist, soldermask, silkscreen and other chemically milled applications. Inkjets have some unique bitmap requirements that differ considerably from a straight rasterizer used for laser or other optical equipment.

    After working closely with a number of inkjet manufacturers Artwork has released InkRaster to address these unique requirements.


  • GBRUnion DLL - Gerber Union Library
    GBRUnion DLL was developed to help enable software OEMs to do advanced processing on Gerber data such as correction, compensation and conversions....

  • GBRUnion Library was developed to help designers clean and convert Gerber files into contour data. It does this by performing a union operation on draws, flashes and areas. Once a layer has been unionized there are no overlapping or touching boundaries. The resulting file can be output as Gerber, DXF, GDSII or EGS Archive.

    One of the most common uses of GBRUnion is by designers working with EM field simulation software or for laser equipment companies. These designers need to take layout data from PCB design tools and import it into their simulator. GBRUnion cleans the data, allows extraction of a small window and exports Gerber into a variety of formats.

  • SFGEN - ODB++ & GDSII Data Prep for RIP
    ODB++ & GDSII to GDSII translator to aid in the high speed rasterization to TIFF/BMP of very large panels that contain repeating data such as those used to manufacture printed circuit boards, IC packages and LCD displays.....

  • SFGEN was developed to aid in the high speed rasterization of very large panels that contain repeating data such as those used to manufacture printed circuit boards, IC packages and LCD displays.

    Rasterizers slow down as the DPI increases and the image area increases. In order to counteract this problem we developed a new rasterizer that takes advantage of the fact that many large masks contain mostly repetitive data.

    If the repetition geometries can be identified and separated from the background data, it is possible to use techniques in the RIP that require only small areas to be rasterized by re-using the bitmap for the repeating geometries.

  • Very Large Bitmap Viewer
    A specialized viewer designed to load very large TIFF/BMP bitmaps (GBytes +++) and quickly display the data and enable pan, zoom, measure, and perform XOR compare between two files. Very useful for those that must routinely handle large bitmaps....

  • VLBV is a specialized monochrome & grayscale bitmap viewer we developed specifically for testing the output of high resolution, large area rasterizers. Some of our rasterizers produce bitmaps that are 1000 mm x 1000 mm at 50,000 DPI.

    We needed a way to quickly load, view, measure and compare multi-GB raster files. Unfortunately existing tools such as Photoshop® were either completely unable to load the files or ran so slow as to be unacceptable.

    So we built our own viewer. Now it is available for sale to others who have similar needs.

    Features include:

    View monochrome & grayscale TIFF, BMP and RAW bitmaps.
    Supports uncompressed and compressed (packbits) TIFF.
    Supports 2, 4 and 8 bit TIFF gray scale non-compressed and PackBits).
    File size (uncompressed) from 2 GB to 1802 GB.
    Fast Pan and Zoom.
    Measure distance easily.
    Overlay up to three files with color, transparency and offset control.
    Extract small windows for further analysis.
    XOR layers to produce only difference.

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