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Delphon specializes in customized polymer and adhesive films for companies in the medical device and electronics industries. We work closely with companies in the Flexible Hybrid Electronics space to develop stretchable films for use in today’s wearable technologies.  The company’s breakthrough products Gel-Pak and UltraTape are trusted by high-technology companies throughout the world.

 Press Releases

  • UltraTape makes anti-static tapes and label materials with static dissipative surface resistances and low tribocharging pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) that allow them to protect static sensitive optoelectronic devices such as LED’s, photo and laser diodes, solar cells, etc.  and help prevent harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.

    UltraTape has introduced a variety of antistatic single and double coated engineered tapes and high performance label materials aimed at protecting static sensitive optoelectronic devices. These new materials offer both static dissipative features that safely dissipate triboelectric charges as well as low tribocharging PSAs that provide low peel voltages when their liners are removed.

    Optoelectronics, being semiconductor based devices, are highly susceptible to current spikes. These spikes result from electrostatic discharges (ESD) essentially high voltage, large joule discharges occurring over very short time frames. The resulting damage caused by these ESD events can be detected during manufacturing and/or during testing and can even remain latent and fail during operation by an end user. This increases the cost of manufacturing as well as warranty costs, plus can present legal liabilities if harm comes to an end user.

    Triboelectric charges can occur via the human body model (HBM) when a human comes in contact with the device. Charging of the device can also occur when it comes in contact with other devices in the manufacturing environment. This type of charging is called charge device model (CDM) and includes contact with pick and place robots, transfer and conveyor mechanisms, fixturing, etc. Both forms of charging are prevalent in optoelectronic device manufacturing, both can lead to damaging ESD events and Polyonics antistatic materials can help solve both situations.

    Our tapes are manufactured including a variety of specially formulated conductive elements that help prevent damaging ESD events. The conductive elements provide surface resistances of 10^5 to 10^9 Ohms, the heart of the dissipative spectrum. This unique feature allows the materials to safely dissipate triboelectric charges and prevent ESD events. In addition, the materials include low tribocharging PSAs that produce a low peel voltage of <100v, when their liners are removed further protecting the optoelectronic device during application or removal.

    The potential for damage from electrostatic discharges depends on charge density and how charges are handled by the surfaces they reside on. Spots of charge (high charge densities) persist on insulative surfaces for long periods of time with little or no charge dissipation. If left unchecked, these spots can continue to grow in strength and, if contacted by a ground, can result in damaging ESD events. Conductive surfaces dissipate electrostatic charges rapidly which can cause electrical shorts and expose electrical components and devices to higher than expected voltages.

    UltraTape’s antistatic materials are also designed to survive extreme temperatures and exposure to harsh chemicals during manufacturing. These materials include high performance antistatic label materials, used for tracking static sensitive devices along with single and double coated engineered tapes. The antistatic single coated polyimide tapes can be used for masking, protecting, insulating and isolating. The single coated  tape is both antistatic and flame retardant.

    The double coated antistatic polyimide tapes and antistatic PET tape are used for bonding applications involving static sensitive devices. High opacity single and double coated antistatic tapes are also available when, in addition to protecting static sensitive devices, the management of light (masking, blacking, dispersing, etc.) is required.

    We also manufacture antistatic polyimide label materials for printed circuit board tracking applications as well as polyester label materials for electronic component identification. All materials can be thermal transfer printed and are designed to meet and/or exceed the high temperature requirements of the reflow and wave solder environments in the PCB manufacturing process.

  • UltraTape, a division of Delphon and leading supplier of cleanroom tape, custom labels and graphic overlays, announces the release of its UltraLabel PRO-600 series cleanroom label printer. The new desktop label printer, designed for critical environment applications, offers enhanced functionality including print resolution of 600 dpi and a user-friendly TFT display. The high-resolution label printer supports a range of label-making applications including 2D, barcoding, serialization, inventory control identification, product labels, pipe markers, and GHS labels. The UltraLabel PRO-600 is compact and versatile and can easily be integrated into any cleanroom environment. The printer and all related supplies are cleanroom certified and packaged to keep them free from contaminants. Background: UltraTape Located in Wilsonville, Oregon, UltraTape, a division of Delphon, manufactures high quality cleanroom tapes, labels and graphic overlays for critical environments. The ISO certified company maintains a cleanroom manufacturing facility to assure particle-free and residue-free products that meet even the most stringent standards. UltraTape specializes in material development in order to customize products to meet customer specifications. 


  • E-Film
    Delphon's E-Film product line offers a range of stretchable films for Flexible Hybrid Electronic applications....

  • Delphon’s portfolio of E-Film products is based on a variety of polymer materials that offer  an effective and reliable solution for Flexible Hybid Electronic applications.   Whether it's formulating to work with today's electronic inks or developing a film for use in high temperatures, our material scientists and R&D team work with customers to create unique film products that meet their specific requirements.  

  • UltraTape Anti-Static Cleanroom Marking Tapes
    UltraTape's 2265 and 2286 Anti-static Cleanroom Marking Tapes are available in multiple colors for floor, tool and safety marking as well as a wide range of applications were opaque colors are needed....

  • UT2265  and UT2286 Cleanroom Anti-static tapes available in multiple colors for floor, tool and safety marking as well as a wide range of applications were opaque colors are needed. Printed and overlaminated for extra durability and solvent resistance.  The 2265 part number comes pre-printed with the ESD symbol for easy identification. 

    • Bright opaque colors and black printed text
    • Solvent resistan
    • Excellent Durability
  • UltraTape's Protocol Tape 1153
    UltraTape's trademarked Protocol Tape sets the industry standard for easily identifiable cleanroom tape that can be used for a variety of construction applications....

  • UltraTape’s blue and white stripe Protocol Tape was specifically designed for one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturers. The company approached UltraTape looking for a tape with a strong adhesive bond and clean removability that was also designed for cleanroom construction. The tape had to be particle free, residue free and easy to tear by hand. Because the tape was to be used in a critical environment, where contamination was a concern, it was important that employees be able to visually identify the tape as being cleanroom certified. To accommodate this request, UltraTape created the trademarked blue and white striped Protocol Tape. This unique randomized blue and white strip design gives the customer visual assurance that the specified tape being used is cleanroom certified. Today, UltraTape’s 1153 blue and white stripe Protocol tape is widely used in cleanrooms around the world. The trademarked tape can be used to hang eavy plastic sheeting to create temporary walls, door sealing, taping cart wheels, pipefitting, ductwork, and floor marking. Contact Us 

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