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Allwin21 Corp. was formed in 2000 in Silicon Valley with a focus on professionally providing Rapid Thermal Process, Plasma Asher Strip / Descum, Plasma Etch/RIE, Sputter Deposition and Metal Film Metrology high-tech semiconductor equipment, services and technical support in Semiconductor III-V, MEMS, Biomedical, Nanotechnology, Solar, Battery & LED industries. 

We focus on extending product lifecycle, providing solutions, and engineering enhancements to many production proven semiconductor process equipment most directly related to III-V processing. We provide Upgrade Kits for AG Associates Heatpulse 210/310/410/ Heatpulse 610, Matrix 101/102/103/104/105/106/108/205/206/303/403/10, Tegal 901e/ Tegal 903e, Gasoncis AE2001, Aura 1000, Aura 2000,Aura 3000,Gasonics Aura3010,Gasonics l3510, Gasonics L35100, Branson/ICP 3000/2000/4000/L3200,Lam Research Lam AutoEtch 490,Lam AutoEtc 590/690/790,  Perkin-Elmer 4400, Perkin-Elmer 4410, Perkin-Elmer 4450, Perkin-Elmer 2400/4480.By strictly following these ISO 9000 procedures, the customer receives guaranteed rapid start-up, lifecycle reliability, and proven process performance.

Allwin21 Corp. Morgan Hill

 Press Releases

  • AccuThermo AW 810V – Vacuum RTP

    Manufacturer: Allwin21 Corp.
    Condition: New
    Wafer Size: Small~8 inch
    Type: Desktop, Vacuum
    Temperature: 150~800°C or 300~1250°C
    Gas Lines: 1 ~ 3 lines
    Chamber Design: Allwin21
    AccuThermo AW-810V (PDF)

    The AccuThermo AW 810V are vacuum rapid thermal processing (RTP) systems, which uses high intensity visible radiation to heat single wafers for short process periods of time at precisely controlled temperatures. The process periods are typically 1-300 seconds in duration, although periods of up to 9999 seconds can be selected. These capabilities, combined with the heating chamber’s cold-wall design and superior heating uniformity, provide significant advantages over conventional furnace processing.


    • AccuThermo AW 810V Main Frame with wires.
    • Power Type: Three Phase, worldwide power (50/60 Hz)
    • CE Mark if Necessary
    • Pentium® class computer with a 17-inch LCD monitor and Allwin21 Corp proprietary software package.
    • Mouse and standard keyboard.
    • Aluminum oven chamber with water cooling passages.
    • Door plate with one TC connection port.
    • Top and Bottom quartz window and heating module with 27 (1.2KW ea) cross Radiation lamps with 6 bank zones.
    • Oven control board and one main control board.
    • Quartz Tray for 2 to 4 or 4 to 6 or 5 to 8 inch round wafer or customized.
    • Two gas lines with One Gas MFC and isolation shut-off valve.
    • T-Shape Quartz with qualified K-Type TC and one holder for 100-800°C temperature measurement.
    • Package of 5 pieces of thermocouple wires as spare TC.
    • USB with original Software backup.
    • Main Vacuum Valve


    • Wafer sizes: Small pieces, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″,8” wafer capability
    • Vacuum Pressure: 50mTorr to 13 Torr or 13 Torr to 760 Torr
    • Recommended ramp up rate: Programmable, 10°C to 100°C per second. Maximum Rate: 200°C (NOT RECOMMENDED)
    • Recommended steady state duration: 0-300 seconds per step.
    • Ramp down rate: Non-programmable, 10°C to 150°C per second.
    • Recommended steady state temperature range: 150°C – 1050°C. Maximum 1250°C (NOT RECOMMENDED)
    • Thermocouple 100-800°C with ±0.5°C accuracy & rapid response.
    • Temperature repeatability: ±0.5°C or better at 1050°C wafer-to-wafer. (Repetition specifications are based on a 100-wafer set.)
    • Temperature uniformity: ±8°C, This is a one sigma deviation 100 angstrom oxide. For a titanium silicide process, no more than 6% increase in non-uniformity during the first anneal at 650°C to 700°C.
    • Process/Purge gas inputs: Any inert and/or non-toxic gas regulated to 30 PSIG and pre-filtered to 1 micron. Typically, N2, O2, Ar, He, forming gas, NH3, N2O2 are used.

    AccuThermo AW 810V OPTIONS

    • Installation and Training on customer site: TBD
    • Atmospheric process function.
    • Vacuum pressure measurement and control function
    • Mechanical vacuum pump*
    • Dry vacuum pump*
    • Special K Type Thermocouple for 200-1250°C with ±1°C accuracy & rapid response
    • Multiple Process Gases (Up to 3) and MFCs with Gas Control Board
      • 3 gas lines  with 2 MFC and shutt-off valves
      • 4 gas lines with 3 MFC and shutt-off valves
    • TC Wafer, Single Point for Pyrometer calibration
      • 2-inch,Si wafer
      • 4-inch,Si wafer
      • 6-inch,Si wafer
      • 8-inch,Si wafer
    • Cl23A Omega Meter for Thermocouple calibration
    • Carrier or Susceptor for small sample, transparent substrate and substrate with metal thin film on top.
      • Base, 2 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Cover, 2 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Base, 3 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Cover, 3 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Base, 4 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Cover,4 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Base, 6 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Cover,6 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Base, 4X2 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Cover,4X2 inch Susceptor, Graphite with SiC coating
      • Base, 16X2 inch Susceptor, Silica with SiC coating
      • Base, 5X3 inch Susceptor, Silica with SiC coating
      • Base, 4X4 inch Susceptor, Silica with SiC coating
      • Cover, for 16X2 inch/5X3-inch/4X4-inch, Susceptor, Silica with SiC coating
      • Customized susceptors with different materials and size
    • Shutt-off valve for Quartz Tube&Lamps cooling control
    • GEM/SEC II for network function
    • Extended warranty from 12 months to 24 months or 36 months


  • Allwin21 developed a new microwave plasma etch equipment, the AW-2001R Etcher

    Manufacturer: Allwin21
    Condition: New
    Wafer Size: 2″ – 6″ Capability
    Wafer Loading: 3-axis Robot
    Plasma Power: Microwave
    Type: Parallel/Single Wafer Process; Stand-Alone
    Gas Lines: 4 Lines
    AW-2001R (PDF)

    Allwin21 AW-2001R Features:

    • Designed with III-V Production in Mind.
    • Controller with Touchscreen GUI and PentiumⓇ Grade PC.
    • The 3-axis wafer transport robot installed:
      • Superior than Gasonics Aura AE-2001 design that’s synonymous for wafer breakage and constant alarms/errors.
      • Receive cassette station can be substituted with a Cooling/Alignment station to prevent wafer breakage.
    • Water-Cooled 1000W Magnetron/Waveguide with an AGL Microwave Power Generator for BETTER PROCESS REPEATABILITY.
    • BETTER UNIFORMITY by using “extended” Alumina Plasma Tube.
    • Option to run different wafer sizes without any hardware changes.


    • Wafer Size: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 inch Capability.
    • Chuck Temperature: 60-110ºC (±2 ºC)
    • Gases: NF3 CF4 HE O2
    • Uniformity:
      • 100mm : ± 3% (5% 3 sigma) *
      • 150mm : ± 5% (8% 3 sigma) *
      • *max.- min. /2 x average
    • Reproducibility (w-t-w): 10% 3 sigma
    • Particulate: 0.05p/cm2 > 0.3µm
    • NO DAMAGE: ≤0.1 Volt CV-shift


    • Contact Slope Etch
    • Via Etch
    • BPSG Etch
    • LTO Etch
    • TEOS Etch
    • Thermal Oxide Etch
    • LPCVD Nitride Etch
    • PECVD Nitride Etch
    • Trench Rounding
    • Descum
    • RIE Damage Removal
    • Sodium Removal
    • Planarization
    • Backside Etch (Poly, Nitride, or Oxide)
    • Nitride Pattern Removal (PBL, LOCOS w/ Pad Ox = >400Å)
    • Low Temp Photoresist Ashing over Oxides, Poly, Al, W, Ti, or Moly


    • Vacuum Chamber Pump = 165 cfm (to Corrosive Exhaust)
    • Cabinet Exhaust (house) = >250 cfm
    • Plumbed Gases:
      • CF4
      • O2
      • He
      • NF3
    • Electrical Requirements: 208VAC, 3-Phase, 60Hz, 30Amps
    • Water for cooling Waveguide and Magnetron.




  • AccuThermo AW 610 Rapid Thermal Processor
    The most popular production proven rapid thermal processor with best performance qualified by thousands of customers from 40 countries all over the word. We all the exclusive licensed manufacturer of AG Associates Heatpulse 610...

  • AccuThermo AW 610 RTP

    Manufacturer: Allwin21 Corp.
    Condition: New
    Wafer Size: Small~6 inch
    Type: Desktop, Atmospheric
    Temperature: 100~800°C or 450~1250°C
    Gas Lines: 1 ~ 6 lines
    Chamber Design: AG Associates Heatpulse 610
    AccuThermo AW-610 (PDF)

    Rapid Thermal Process (PPT)

    AccuThermo AW 610 Top and Bottom IR Lamp Heating

  • AW-105R Plasma Asher Descum for GaAs GaN GaInP InP
    AW-105R is the most popular production proven Plasma Asher Descum for GaAs GaN GaInP InP with high performance. Win Semiconductor, NRC Canada, Skyworks are our main customers....

  • AW-105R Plasma Asher

    Manufacturer: Allwin21 Corp.
    Condition: New
    Wafer Size: 2″ – 6″ Capability
    Wafer Loading: 3-axis Robot; Stationary Cassette Plate
    Plasma Power: 600W Air-Cooled RF 13.56MHz
    Type: Parallel/Single Wafer Process; Stand-Alone
    Gas Lines: 1-3 Lines MFCs

    AW-105R (PDF)

    AW-105R Plasma Asher Descum Features:

    • Designed with III-V Production in mind!
    • The wafer transport robot installed is much more reliable than the original “frog‑leg” robot.
    • The control boards were redesigned with modern components and added features.
    • The temperature control system for heating the chuck uses the Eurotherm controller.  If the software detects the temperature is not within tolerance, it will turn off the current to the chuck heater and abort the process.
    • Designed for 2” to 6” circular wafers.AW-105R_floor_plan
    • A light spectrum monitor (optional) is used to determine the endpoint by monitoring the illuminated intensity of the plasma.
    • Wafer centering/cooling station.
    • Industrial grade computer, touch screen GUI, and large hard disk drive.
    • Footprint is nearly the same as the Matrix 105 (see image…).

    Allwin21 Software Features

    The AW-105R system is controlled by menu commands from the control software.  The software allows a great deal of flexibility and control of the AW105R.

    The control software features the following:

    • Automated calibration of all subsystems from within the control software.  This allows faster, easier calibration, leading to enhanced process results.
    • Recipe creation.  It features a recipe editor to create and edit recipes to fully automate the processing of wafers inside the chambers.
    • Validation of the recipe so improper control sequences will be revealed.
    • Storage of multiple recipes, process data and calibration files so that process and calibration results can be maintained and compared over time.
    • Passwords provide security for the system, recipe editing, diagnostics, calibration, and setup functions.
    • Simple and easy to use menu screens which allow a process cycle to be easily defined and executed.
    • Troubleshooting features which allow engineers and service personnel to activate individual subassemblies and functions independently of other subsystems.
    • The control software runs on almost any Pentium class PC computer with a parallel (printer) port.  The computer interfaces to the AW105R system with only 1 cable, the control interface cable.  There is also an interface cable to the robot controller.  There is also an interface cable for the Eurotherm controller.
    • The interface board inside the machine that translates the computer commands to control the machine has a watchdog timer.  If this board looses communication with the control software, it will shut down all processes and halt the system until communication is restored.

    Safety Features

    The Allwin21 system incorporates several features to prevent damage to wafers or injury to personnel.

    • There is a watchdog timer on the interface board.  This turns off the process parameters if the communication between the computer and the system is interrupted or the software freezes.
    • The RF system is interlocked to prevent their inadvertent operation when the chamber door is open.
    • Pneumatic: The pneumatics is used to operate the Positive Shut-off valves and the chamber door.  If there is no air pressure, the shut-off valves will close.  If the power is removed from the Allwin21 system, then the pneumatic gas valves close automatically.
    • EMO (Emergency Off):  When the EMO is depressed, the power to the entire machine is turned off.
    • Water Flow Switch:  The water needs to flow at the recommended rate that is specified in the Installation manual.  When a process starts, it will check the water flow rate.  If the flow rate drops below this, the process will not run and an alarm will be issued.
  • AccuSputter AW 4450 New Magnetron Sputter Equip.
    Process proven for III-V, the AccuSputter® AW 4450-Series Production Sputter Systems are manufactured in the configuration of a manually-loaded system capable of fully automatic (non-PLC) operation....

  • AccuSputter AW 4450 Sputter

    Manufacturer: Allwin21 Corp.
    Condition: New
    Wafer Size: Small~8 inch
    Wafer loading: Manual, with Load Lock
    Cathodes: 3xDelta Shape  OR  4xCircle Shape
    Sputter Methods: RF/DC; Diode/Magnetron
    Gas Lines: 1~3 MFCs
    AccuSputter AW-4450 (PDF)
    Delta Shaped Cathode
    Circle Shaped Cathode

    Process proven for III-V, the AccuSputter® AW 4450-Series Production Sputter Systems are manufactured in the configuration of a manually-loaded system capable of fully automatic (non-PLC) operation. The AccuSputter ® AW 4450 sputtering head is equipped with three DeltaTM cathode or four round 8-inch positions.The AccuSputter ® AW 4450-Series Production Sputter Systems deposit a wide variety of materials onto substrates such as ceramic, metal, plastics, glass and semiconductors. The system can also be used for RF sputter-etching, a process in which material is removed from, rather than being deposited on, the substrates prior to sputter deposition. These sputtering systems sequentially deposit thin films of up to three or four different materials onto a single substrate, thus attaining sandwich-structured films such as multi-layer optical interference filters or semiconductor devices. Resulting thin films range in thickness from a few Angstroms up to several microns.

    Key Features

    • Process Proven for III-V substrates
    • Non-PLC (Smaller footprint / easy maintenance)
    • 20+ years proven sputter technology
    • New optimum AW-4450 System Control
    • DC 24V for Motors,Actuator,Relay,Solenoid
    • Efficient 8″ ,Delta cathodes, 2 to 6″ option
    • High throughput operation
    • High Uniformity and Yield
    • DC, RF Sputter, Pulse DC option
    • Magnetron and Diode Sputter option
    • RF Etch and Bias are optional
    • Ultra Clean vacuum system
    • Load lock operation
    • UHV design
    • Flexible for development or production use
    • Full range of substrate sizes and shapes
    • Various pumping and power options
    • Co-sputtering option
    • Reactive Sputtering option

    AW-4450 System Controller

    • Maintenance, Manual, Semi Automatic and Full Automatic operation modes
    • Automated calibration of all sub-systems
    • Troubleshoot to sub-assembly levels
    • Programmed comprehensive calibration and diagnostic functions
    • Recipe creation for full automatic wafer processing
    • Automatic decline of improper recipes and process data
    • Multi-level password protection
    • Storage of multiple recipes and system functions
    • Real-Time process data acquisition,display ,analysis
    • Real-Time graphics use display
    • Process Data and Recipe storage on a hard drive
    • Easy TC vacuum gauge calibration
    • Positioning Deposition(optional)
    • GEM/SEC II functions (optional)

    Screen of AccuSputter AW 4450 Sputter Desposition System

    Screen of AccuSputter AW 4450 Sputter Desposition System

    Approved Processes and Applications of  AccuSputter AW 4450 Sputter

    Al+W Cr/SiO2 SiC Ti+Au
    InSnO SiO2 Ti/W Ti+Au+Ni
    Al2O3 Mo SiO2+O2 Ni/Fe+Cu+SiO2
    Ag MoSi2 Si+N2(Si3N4) Ti/W+Au
    Au Mo2Si5 Si+N2+B4C Ti/W+Au+Ta
    C Mo5Si3 Ta Ti/W+Al/Si
    Cr Ni TaC Ti/W+Ni/Cr+Au
    Cr/Co Ni/Cr Ta+Au Ti/W+Pt
    Cr/Au Ni+Ni/Cr TaSi2 Al+Ti/W+Ag
    Cr+Cu Ni/Fe Ta+SiO2 W+Al2O3
    Cr/Si Pt Zr Zn
    Cr/SiO TiO2 TiO2+Cr ZnO2

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