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Welcome to see our new product: Silicon boat

 Press Releases

  • A brief introduction into the benefit to use Silicon Boats instead of the common materials like quartz glass or SiC

    Method of manufacturing:

    The advantages of silicon boat with screw:

    1. Purity of boat material same as wafer purity.
    2. Boat can be repaired in case of damage in a rod.
    3. Safe and cheap transportation (including storage space).  

    Customers count these advantages as most important

    300mm customer with 22nm FDX technology atmospheric process:

    1. No contamination issue with our silicon boat.
    2. Significant less back side impact in comparison of quartz glass SFB (850C) and SIC LFB (1050C).
    3. Higher yield (no details available)
    4. Short lead time compared to Quartz and SiC boats

    As a result of the above evaluation results the customer will replace all quartz glass and SiC boats by silicon boats.

    We have more information about negative back side impacts from other customers using SiC LFB.

    See you at our booth for more detail information


  • CE-MAT Product Family
    See our products...

  • Our Product Family
    - Ceramic spary electrostatic chucks and consumables for Single Wafer Plasma Etch
    - Silicon boat for atmosheric and LP-CVD Processes
    - Second source parts for ion implnater
    - Qiartz parts for furnaces and epitaxie
    - CVD SiC dummy wafer
    - Quartz glass raw materials
    - Inspection tools: Visiual, infrared and PL
  • Silicon boat for oxidation
    Damage free contact between wafer and boat...

  • Advantages of Silicon boat over quartz and/or SiC boat

               - Reduced defect density and particle counts  leading to yield improvement
    - using Silicium vs Quartz or SiC
    - using mono crystal vs poly crystal silicium (no CVD growing defects)
    - sophisticated rod design
    - less overlap rod to wafer
                - Significant lower metal contamination
    - no metallic impurities  in silicium as in quartz or SiC
                - No slip lines or crystal damages
    - identical thermal expansion of boat and wafer, no friction
    - no warp of the boat as it is known by using quartz materials for high-temperature processes
               - Savings during processing
    - increased tool uptime compared to  quatz and SIC boats
    - less cleaning  and maintainance (proven uptime > 2 years)
  • Ceramic Spray Electro static Chuck
    Convert your Polyimide ESC into Ceramic ESC ...

  • Benefits of Ceramic ESC

       1) Ceramic Layers for Anti Micro-Arcing to Longer Life Time

       2) Wafer-less Cleaning

       3) Embossing He Pattern for Temp. Uniformity

       4) Direct Coated Layers without adhesive use

       5) Ceramic Sleeves in He Hole for

       6) Thermal Conductivity material for Temp. Uniformity

       7) Multiple Repairs possible for Surface Conditions 

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