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Cactus Materials - Limitless Possibilities - A R&D company

Cactus Materials is an innovative research and development company that focuses on both equipment and materials for the advanced semiconductor market. Cactus Materials introduces an Advanced High Throughput Wafer Bonding System and Process for Heterogenous bonding (i.e GaAs/Si). Cactus Develops IP and license Wafer Bonding Technology to the Semiconductor Market. We also bring state-of-art High Precision Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions and Equipment for Flux/Deflux. Cactus competes in the Ceramic Market especially designs for high performance Ceramic Thermal Heaters (BN/ALN) and Materials (Wafer Chuck, ESC and others). Additionally Cactus exclusively partners with the worlds best companies to bring Solder Resist (SR) PET film and Adhesive (Ag Paste) into the North American market. Please reply to us at if you would like more information or would like to schedule a meeting with us at Semicon West. Our website is and please be sure to visit our booth at Semicon West (Booth 7618, West Hall, level 1). 

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  • Problem Statement/Opportunity/Value Proposition:

    Value Proposition: (Differs from current commercially available Bonder/Process)

    Direct wafer bonding in clean-room ambient without Ultra-high Vacuum (10-8 mbar)

    With short processing (spontaneous bonding)

    Fast processing at temperatures <1800C;

    Elimination of the mechanical compression needed by other methods

    High Throughput and Low cost.

    Direct Wafer Scale Integration of Heterogenous NanoBondingTM: Bonding by controlling surface energy at nanoscale (Patented)

    Creation of highly planar, ordered surface phases (Patented)

    Engineered and control of hydro-affinity of surfaces by quantifying surface energy (Patented)

    Yielding well controlled electrical properties!

    Hermetic wafer seals via molecular bonds in dense arrays (Patented)

    De-risking Investment:

    Proven from lab scale to HVM up to 8 inch for GaAs/Si (or other heterogenous material) and up to 12 inch for Si/SiO2 process.

    Established patented process of accurately measuring surface energy using 3 liquid contact method (Patented)

    Scalability now up-to 8 inch (In process).

    Patent Portfolio:

    3 patents granted. Trade Secret

    2 Patent on GaAs/Si (in Progress)

  • Cactus Materials is proud to introduce a novel approach to cleaning rollers or the insides of a loader/outer front and rear of processing lines that are difficult to clean. This simple, yet amazing cleaning board is being used widely in all of South East Asia and is now just beginning to be used in North America. Think of it as a mobile "tacky mat" for your tool that is easily run without putting a tool down and is easily cleaned for quick re-use.

    - The cleaning board is able to effectively improve any issues with foreign material, in order to reduce the scrap rate and increase yield. You just drop in the cleaning board during processing and clean your tool while it is running.

    - Using the cleaning board results in a cleaner process and less tool downtime for manual cleaning and wipe downs.

    - Other features include: 

    o Acid resistance - Able to withstand acidic chemicals (sulphuric acid, CuCl2).

    o Alkali resistance - Able to withstand for short periods.

    o Heat Resistance - Our type-2 board is able to withstand reflow furnace process of 250 C.

    - Please go to our website at to learn more about this fantastic new cleaning device !!


  • High Precision Cleaning Solutions and Equipment
    Cactus Materials offers customizable high precision cleaning solutions and equipment to the North American market. Our Microcleaners are environmentally friendly as they provide cleaning solution recyclability capability....

  • Microcleaner Customizable Deflux Systems - Our cleaning systems are pioneering lead-free flux detergents which are already becoming the standard in the field.

    Microcleaner Features:

    1. 2-liquid PCB cleaning system with excellent cleaning performance. In addition to high deflux capability (removes all flux, even under the chips), it affords high quality without increasing the amount of dielectric loss caused by hydrophilic circuit surfaces, often seen with chemicals requiring water for rinse.

    2. Fast-dry, low running cost by designated rinse chemical and its distillation recycle system. - Our exclusive rinse chemicals penetrate fine parts and dries FOUR times faster than water, leaving no stains and liquid residue in gaps under the chips.

    3. Less impact on mounted parts and PCB.

    4. No remaining liquid after cleaning, higher reliability to maintain PCB original qualities.

    5. Our machines are customizable to deliver the best cleaning systems for your needs.

    6. Cost efficient and eco-friendly as the standard compact distiller equipped enables the continuous recycling of rinsing agents for repeated use, while maintaining high quality cleaning performance.

    Microcleaner ECO Environmentally Friendly Deflux Systems:

    1. Low VOC emission and higher cleaning performance when compared to solvent-based cleaning systems.

    2. Our cleaning chemicals can be recycled in the distiller which enables greater cost efficiency.

    3. One-liquid system enables easy liquid management and compact operation.

    4. Low running cost with a distillation regeneration (to dilute the liquid 3 times with water).

    5. Compact and space-efficient design, 75% in size compared to our conventional equipment

  • High Performance Ceramic Components and Heaters
    Cactus offers a variety of ceramic products including high performance ceramic heaters and high performance DBC's and ceramic packaging for the semiconductor industry. For a soft-copy of our full catalog please email us at

  • CeramicHeaters:

    Cactus offers high quality and reduced cost wafer heaters up to 450mm. Conventional ceramic heaters with embedded elements require a complex manfucaturing process which limits the ability to reduce cost. Our aluminum nitride hot plate features an electric heating circuit made by printing and baking the heating element in a sintered ceramic base. While current maximum temperatures are around 680 C, altering the material of the element pattern enables even higher temperatures. The power supply terminals feature similar levels of heat resistance to the heating element pattern so terminals are protected without need for special measures. 

    Ceramic Packaging and Components:

    Cactus has exclusively partnered with one of the worlds largest ceramic packaging companies in Japan to lower packaging cost 2x and still maintain high performance and reliability.  We offer NEXCERA a revolutionary cordierite polycrystalline ceramic that has both an extremely low expansion coefficent and superior mechanical properties. Additionaly we work with partners and customers to develop new ceramic products and processes to meet your new product and developing process needs. Please email us at to recieve the full catalog of all our ceramic products and components. 

  • High Performance Films and Adhesives
    We also sell a variety of high performance film and adhesive products including the Aron MIghty AS-60 adhesive, conductive adhesive TK Paste, and PEN/PET films for Solder Resist Mask and many other applications....

  • Solder Resist Mask for SR process protection and oxidation prevention:

    - The Solder Resist Mask is customizable for type and size providing a protection film for use in flip chip, CSP, FPC and PCB processing.

    - The PET film supports the adhesive layer and also acts as a protection layer to minimize foriegn material, reduce defects and improve yield.

    - The adhesive film maintains the eveness of the solder resist over surface irregularities resulting in a straighter, higher quality SRO.

    - The film is easily removed leaving no residue behind, and it has a high transmittance rate and is thus suitable for light exposure processes.

    Aron Mighty AS-60 Adhesive:

    - The Aron Mighty AS-60 adhesive is a high performance adhesive for FPC (flexible printed circuit) assembly. 

    - It is composed of highly functional and reactive adhesives, these are solvent based epoxy adhesives suitable for film lamination and other applications.

    - Key features include short curing times, high flexibility, high transparency, excellent solder heat resistance, and excellent bonding strength (especially for polyimide and copper foil).

    TK Paste CR-2800/CN-3160L:

    - TK Paste is a conductive adhesive developed using TK silver powder which has the world's first thorny texture as shown in the picture above. 

    - This maximizes the advantages of the TK silver powder by forming a conductive path with small amounts of silver, allows sintering at low temperatures, and provides a uniform particles diameter.

    - Other key features include curable at room temperature, flexible after curing (CN-3160L), best for earth grounding and EMI shielding, and allows reduced cost reduction of up to 50% with the exclusive shape of the silver powder.

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