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The solution provider camLine develops and markets own software for high-tech manufacturing excellence. LineWorks is a modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES) suite for flexible, high-volume productions. For quality assurance, LineWorks SPACE is the leading advanced SPC module in semiconductor, electronics, PV, and medical industries with add-ons and plug-ins including Supplier Quality Management (SQM) and Out of Control Action Plans (OCAP). The Recipe Management System module helps improve process integrity. Further core modules address logistics, efficiency (OEE), and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS). camLine offers InFrame Synapse as an adaptable all-in-one MES solution for small and medium enterprises, an equipment connector, and a MES mini for the effective entry into IT-based manufacturing. XperiDesk helps streamlining technology development. Cornerstone enables engineers to analyze data and design experiments (DoE). camLine has been offering its software and services globally for more than 25 years.

 Press Releases

  • camLine GmbH and Asprova AG develop and distribute own software (SW) for industrial manufacturing. Both companies were founded in the 1990s. They since have established themselves, independently in various high-tech industries. Now in 2017, they took the decision to continue with a strategic cooperation.

    For their future collaboration, both software companies share several conditions. Their products are used worldwide, especially in the markets of Asia, Europe, and North America. Both focus on manufacturing with particular challenges regarding production organization and demanding business logic. Included are very flexible concepts for the detailed mapping of all production processes. Furthermore, there are promising capabilities for the integration of entire supply chains.

    Cooperation enables MES with even greater scope of services

    Through the collaboration, a sophisticated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is being presented on the market that uniquely covers the three fundamental pillars of a MES with respect to ISA-95 standard:

    • Definition of products and manufacturing processes
    • Production scheduling
    • Manufacturing execution
    Demand for integrable MES continues to rise

    With regard to the key initiative Industry 4.0, complex, flexible, communication-capable cyber-physical systems (CPS) are increasingly being used in the shop floors as production equipment. They enable the intensive exchange of information between themselves and the superordinate levels organizing the productions. These layers manage the orchestration of all manufacturing operations. They are responsible for the economic manufacturing of industrial products.

    As a result of the intensified networking, accordingly the need for effective SW-based infrastructure solutions is increasing. Manufacturing SW can make its strengths even more effective in view of the quantitatively and qualitatively improved provision of information made available from the shop floors. Mr. Bernhard Jofer, VP of camLine GmbH, confirms: "We recognize a growing demand for MES solutions with integrated advanced scheduling. The capabilities of Asprova APS for advanced scheduling address also manufacturers who already use an ERP, i.e. SAP, for their planning. The external scheduling module perfectly complements our in-house modules of the LineWorks-Suite." The easy integration of the systems, the extremely powerful scheduling functions, and the very fast execution speeds allow integrating entire supply chains with powerful solutions.

    Adaptable and scalable through a modular approach

    camLine's MES solutions are based on a compact and modular approach. The core modules focus on

    • Quality assurance
    • Process integrity
    • Manufacturing execution
    • Equipment efficiency (OEE)

    They can be implemented, independently of each other. In addition, the combination with MES from third-party vendors is also possible. The goal is to actively control all production processes down to the detail in the sense of quickly detect, react, and implement.

    The execution component provides seamless traceability with tracking and tracing. It also allows the organization and provision of data by defining products and production processes. Due to the modular approach, the granular mapping of vertical integration is possible at high data throughput with real-time applications. As high-availability systems, they are designed to be used 24/7 allowing the collection of current data in large-scale productions.

    Mr. Keiji Fujii, Managing Director of the German subsidiary of Asprova AG, says: "The simple integration of our APS SW solution into the existing individual IT structure is a requirement that we have placed great emphasis on from the outset. With camLine's MES solutions, we get production data almost in real-time, in high quality, and in a degree of detail exactly as required by Asprova for advanced planning."

    Multi-level optimization to minimize throughput times

    Asprova APS is used by numerous well-known Japanese top-lean companies (market share: 59%). The standard software meets a wide range of specific requirements for the advanced scheduling of discrete and process-oriented production. All necessary resources (with their individual specifications and restrictions), as well as their limited capacities and availability, are incorporated into the calculations. Material availability is always considered. Thanks to ingenious, individually adjustable multi-level planning logic, optimal sequence planning is achieved. Results with Asprova:

    • Minimized throughput times
    • Increase in delivery reliability
    • Optimized sequence planning with respect to set-up times
    • Reduction and optimization of inventory
    • High flexibility with regard to changes

    Each resource gets reliable work instructions. The rapid simulation, the dynamic rescheduling, and the front-loading system provide a holistic overview of scheduling, order status, and inventory for the planner with an eye to the future.

  • camLine GmbH, developer of software solutions for manufacturing focusing on manufacturing excellence, is launching Cornerstone version 7. The easy-to-use, compact, and fast Design of Experiment and data analysis software for engineers comes with various new functions and analysis capabilities. Plus the software presents itself in a completely revised look. The methods offered are even more easily accessible. The development for more than 25 years in the field of software for applied statistics is mirrored in a uniquely efficient approach. The capability spectrum ranges from analytics application areas such as engineering statistics, experimental planning (DoE) to explorative data analysis.

    In addition to the improved user guidance through custom and dockable tool and icon bars, new and redesigned menus, the new version makes a sweet spot plot available for regression analyses which simplifies the evaluation and optimization of records with many response variables. Besides that, constraints have been introduced for the Response vs. Predictor graphs. The export features were expanded for Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint including templating. This makes reporting much easier. Engineers are now saving even more time, not just for their customized reports, but also for automated batch report tasks.

    Find more information about Cornerstone Version 7 here:


  • LineWorks SPACE
    Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC)...

  • Flagship LineWorks SPACE (Statistical Process Analysis & Control Environment) is a powerful infrastructure solution for advanced SPC that gives you complete control over production quality across all your manufacturing sites. Relied upon by a wide range of global manufacturers, it has become the de facto standard in the semiconductor industry for integrated statistical process control. It interacts with multiple data sources and processes many thousands of online and offline charts, simultaneously. And it ensures you can track all your data by managing it within a centralized database, according to the ISO 9000 standard.
  • LineWorks RM
    Recipe Management System...

  • Provide the overall and clear evidence of entire manufacturing processes for Industry 4.0

    The apex solution for your organization’s recipe management needs: Dramatic productivity improvements are the common denominator of LineWorks RM functionality.

    LineWorks RM is a significantly advanced recipe management system developed specifically for process-oriented industries that require the ability to optimize the real-time handling of recipes within high volume production environments.

    Production process standards, such as ISA88 or SEMI, continue to evolve in scope, reflecting the increasing complexity and structures of recipes. To meet the current and future commercial application of recipe needs, traditional recipe management system design for recipes resembles a structure of monolithic black boxes, neither dynamic nor efficient.

    LineWorks RM is the next generation product for recipe management systems that transcends the state of black box technology by eliminating the dependence on physical files stored on equipment. With full confidence, you can have the ability to meet your current and unforeseen future recipe needs, of course, dynamically and efficiently. With LineWorks RM you will realize robust online control, transparency and traceability to any level of adjustment parameters within each recipe. Each object of a recipe structure can have its own life cycle management, template-based recipes, versioning, approval management and recipe transfer without losing reference and traceability to the embedded context for each manufacturing execution.  Furthermore, it does not matter if a recipe has been assigned to Production, Process Engineering or Research & Development (R&D), your organization will realize the same uncompromised level of security and control, including Intellectual Property (IP) protection for all product definitions.

  • LineWorks SQM
    Supplier Quality Management...

  • Quality standard improvement on the supply chain

    This add-on module for LineWorks SPACE helps you collaborate more closely with your subcontractors and suppliers at production sites distributed throughout the world. By means of electronic Certificate of Analysis (eCOA), you implement, verify, and continuously improve mandatory quality standards for your entire supply chain. This helps you reduce your efforts for incoming quality control (IQC). Or even you can skip this inspection in case of your trusted suppliers. Before the goods are dispatched, your suppliers will send you their quality data in the form of these electronic Certificate of Analysis, online. Automatically, all incoming data will be checked by SQM (Supplier Quality Management). Your suppliers will immediately be notified about SQM's analyses results. Online, they will receive your approval for physical shipment of their goods. By doing so, just goods with proper standards will be in transit that meet both, your product specifications and your quality requirements.

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