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FURON PURE PERFORMANCE. High Purity Fluid Control Expertise.

SAINT-GOBAIN designs and manufactures a complete line of ultra-high purity fluid handling products for the semiconductor fabrication and photovoltaic industries. Saint-Gobain's FURON® and VERSILON™ branded products include high purity PFA and PTFE fluoropolymer pumps, valves, manifolds, fittings, tubing and accessories. These high-performance products are used in critical fluid handling applications to circulate high purity corrosive chemicals while ensuring the highest level of system integrity. Our co-development capabilities include injection molding, machining and value-added cleanroom assembly to provide a custom solution for your specific product needs.

 Press Releases

  • A combination of premium Furon® products, collaborative design, and customer service provides agile solutions to best serve semiconductor industry challenges.

    A Saint-Gobain customer, a large chip manufacturer’s integrator, services a tool subsystem that controls pressure and flow in a polishing system. Because the subsystem was installed some years ago, it utilized a variety of parts of different brands and so the integrator was challenged by inconsistent mounting patterns as well as product availability. 

    As a result of the collaboration between the integrator and Saint-Gobain engineers, a kit was created that featured solely Saint-Gobain parts. Components of the new kit included Furon Q-Valves, which offer tremendous versatility in both installation and availability. To ensure no disruption in production, the customer required three kits to be installed immediately. The kits consisted of valves (Furon HPVM and Q-Valve), check-valves (Furon Large Check Valve) and pressure regulators (Furon UPRP).

    In order to prove the performance of the Furon Q-Valve, the integrator was provided with Saint-Gobain’s robust test data, which included cycling and performance testing.  All other components were already being used by the end user on another application and consequently were pre-approved. In parallel, the customer partnered with Saint-Gobain’s production team to develop a schedule, ensuring product availability to meet the customer’s stringent lead time requirements.

    As a result of Saint-Gobain’s products and custom service solutions, the end user’s polishing system repair downtime has been reduced and the integrator now counts on a single, premium product line for reliable and consistent safety and availability to meet its stringent requirements for part lead time. 

    Download a copy of this Case Study >>

    Read a Furon Q-Valve Performance Report on Particle Shedding and Metal Extraction >>

  • New valve design aims at optimizing the geometry of the wetted flow path to avoid possible entrapment area.

    Saint-Gobain’s High Purity Systems team has introduced a new high purity mini valve into its product portfolio. The addition of the Furon® HPV Valve (1/8") size complements Saint-Gobain's existing manifold value proposition with a differentiated solution that will help customers meet their growing process cleanliness and manufacturing yield requirements. 

    Choosing a fluid-handling valve used to be easy, because each valve type had its own area of utility. Diaphragm valves are used primarily for handling slurries and corrosive fluids. Since diaphragm valves have minimal surface contact and are considered the cleanest valve, they have found widespread use in the semiconductor industry. However, minimizing entrapment of dead volumes of fluid is an important consideration when evaluating diaphragm valve cleanliness performance. This dead volume entrapment can be particularly severe and result in loss of process efficiency.  And because entrapment and fluid mixing and can lead to fluid degradation and contamination problems in dispensing, additional fluid movements through the valve are required to flush out degraded fluid and/or contaminants and result in the waste of expensive chemicals.  

    This new product size was developed after engineers from two different companies representing semiconductor and life science markets reached out to Saint-Gobain to inquire about co-developing a manifold solution to help achieve minimal chemical entrapment requirements. Initially, this seemed out of reach with Saint-Gobain's existing valve (3/16’’) product offering. However, data confirms this new valve design offers a reduction in the total volume without compromising Cv.

    Read more in this Case Study >>  


  • Furon® Q-Valve
    Furon Q-Valves ensure reliable fluid delivery for critical process applications that demand ultra-high-purity media handling. Furon Q-Valves are available as Manual Multi-Turn, Manual Quarter-Turn and Pneumatic valves with 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4" orifices. ...

  • Furon Q-Valves provide a cost-effective solution that ensures reliable fluid delivery for critical process applications. Compatible with most common installations, the high-performance Furon Q-Valve offers “drop-in” replacement for valve upgrades in new or existing applications. Furon Q-Valves are designed and engineered to allow easy field maintenance with simple actuator and diaphragm replacement for low-cost ownership and superior system uptime. 

    The Furon Q-Valve is ideal for applications that demand ultra-high-purity media handling along with the high quality and performance standards that you expect from Furon valves. Primary applications include ultra-high-purity chemical delivery for semiconductor, photovoltaic, and chemical processing.

    Furon Q-Valves are also proven to be highly reliable in abrasive slurry applications. Read the Performance Report for testing and results details >>

    Features & Benefits 

    • 100% HP PFA and virgin PTFE wetted flow path
    • Integrated visual position indication
    • Bi-directional flow
    • Leak detection port (1/4-28 UNF)
    • “Place and turn” integrated mounting base
    • Assembled, tested and double-bagged in a clean room
    • Metal-free construction
    • Easy preventive maintenance

  • Furon® HPV Valve
    Furon HPV Valves -- Pneumatically or Manually Actuated, 2-Way Valves (1/8" Orifice) -- are compact and robust and offer superior performance and reliability in applications involving aggressive chemistries....

  • Furon HPV Valve construction is based on Saint-Gobain's industry-proven design but specifically geared to reduce liquid entrapment and improve clean up time. Featuring a compact footprint and a large variety of connection styles, Furon HPV Valves can easily be integrated into installations where space is at a premium.

    Engineered to improve clean up time and minimize liquid entrapment, Furon HPV Valves are ideal for use in the semiconductor industry or applications that require the use of high purity and/or superior chemicals.

    Features & Benefits

    • Pressure rated up to 80 PSIG
    • True 1/8” orifice valve
    • Visual position indicator withoption for optic fiber sensor
    • Lowest internal volume in the industry for a 1/8” valve
    • Optimum Cv
    • HPV valves withan 1/8" orifice design have been tested for more than 1 million cycles
  • Versilon™ HP PFA 400 Tubing
    Versilon HP PFA 400 flexible tubing -- Flexible, PFA Tubing for Semiconductor Industry -- is specifically designed to be used with the harshest chemicals while offering an excellent level of purity....

  • Versilon HP PFA 400 Tubing features a superior smooth surface inner bore, which provides excellent non-wettability, batch-to-batch clean- out and purging.  This tubing is ideal for use in the semiconductor industry, or other applications requiring high purity and/or superior chemical resistance. Versilon HP PFA 400 is formerly known as Furon® 400 series. 

    Read the Performance Report for Surface Extraction >> 

    Feature & Benefits 

    • Non-destructive/non-contaminating laser scribing for positive identification of size, material and 100% lot traceability
    • 100% virgin high-purity ultra clean PFA resin - Specific material grade available
    • Custom laser scribing available (for identifying chemicals/process media, tool number, OEM’s name/private label, etc.)
    • Optional ISO Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing environment
    • Tube ends capped to prevent I.D.contamination
    • “Clean-Pak” packaging available

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