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OEM Group, a leading global supplier of wafer fab equipment and services in the semiconductor industry, offers a broad portfolio of products for PVD, Plasma Etch, PECVD, RTP, Ion Implant, and Wafer Surface Preparation.  

Featured Flagship Systems:

The Endeavor M-series features a modular design enabling users to modify and upgrade productivity and development without disruption.  The Endeavor provides unmatched uniformity for piezoelectric AlN and ScAlN thin films up to 200mm wafers.

The automated batch Cintillio-S system designed for up to 300mm wafers integrates industrial automation on the proven Cintillio platform, the leading system for Etch, Clean, and Resist Strip processing.  With high-throughput and robust automation, the Cintillio-S provides effective Acid, Solvent, and Ozone process solutions for FEOL and BEOL manufacturing, and wafer-scale packaging, with low CoO. 

The next generation SRD is the world standard for high-performance cleaning, rinsing and drying and features ergonomic location of chamber and controls for safe user operation, updated OS and GUI for ease of navigation.

 Press Releases

  • OEM Group announced today a Post-Dice Clean solution on the proven Cintillio™ Batch Spray platform following plasma and laser dicing methods. Designed specifically to remove residue and particles left behind from these dicing methods, OEM Group’s Cintillio™ SST (Spray Solvent Tool) and Cintillio™ Eco-Clean systems utilize their patented Enhanced Spray Technology (EST) to deliver process improvement through uniform media flow with a nozzle-per-wafer concept ensuring uniform flow and increased rinse efficiency.

    After wafers are singulated prior to “pick and place,” the conventional method of cleaning is by water rinsing; however, some singulation methods, particularly plasma and laser, may leave behind residues that water cannot clean. Slag, polymers, and other residues impede device performance and may cause corrosion or affect downstream processes. The Cintillio™ post-dice clean process successfully removes these residues to maintain final device performance. Chris Forgey, CTO for OEM Group says, “We’re pleased to leverage our patented Ozone process specifically for post dice clean applications, delivering value and superior process capability for this specific application.”

    Along with the patented Enhanced Spray Technology (EST), both platforms adapt wafer carriers and rotors to hold multiple “diced wafer-on-tape-on-frame” substrates, delivering greater throughput, reduced chemical utilization, space efficient footprint, and excellent overall performance. According to OEM Group Applications Lab Manager, Joshua Levinson, Ph.D., “Any device manufacturer who performs back-end processing of wafers and who employs wafer singulation to create diced substrates will benefit from our solutions. Batch processing also reduces the number of cleaning tools required in a fab and lowers overall cost of ownership, waste generation, and DI water usage.”

    With global headquarters in metro Phoenix, Arizona and additional sites throughout the North America, Europe, Japan and Asia, OEM Group, LLC is a semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer and innovator in new and remanufactured 75mm–200mm tools and services.


  • Endeavor MX PVD
    Multi-process, Multi-chamber platform for 75mm to 200mm Piezoelectric, AlN Thin Film, and FBAR...

  • The Endeavor MX™ PVD system featuring a modular architecture designed to enable users to quickly and easily modify, upgrade, and maintain their system without disrupting productivity and uptime. This latest addition is an evolution in design from their Endeavor AT™, a proven platform widely used by thin-film bulk acoustic resonator filter (FBAR) makers.  Each chamber on the Endeavor fx is mounted on a standalone frame with the ability to be detached from the mainframe for ease of maintenance or future chamber additions. The Endeavor fx satisfies the needs for customers needing a single chamber system with a manual load up to a full scale cluster production tool, without any compromise on process performance.
  • Semitool Spin Rinse Dryer
    OEM Group’s Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD) was acquired from Applied Materials Semitool in May 2011. SRD is the world standard for high-performance cleaning, rinsing and drying....

  • Features & Specifications:

    • PSC-108 LCD touch screen, programmable controller, featuring operations, process and maintenance modes
    • N2 heater alarm alerts user if there is a failure with N2 heater at any point during the process
    • Operations status light, located on the front of the tool, alerts user of different states of tool status.
    • Programmable preventative maintenance alerts
    • User programmable auto cycle
    • DI water resistivity monitoring (RM-20) enables rinsing to a certain resistivity before tool continues to next recipe step
    • DI water recirculation (WR-20) ensures no particles are created in DI lines
    • Mechanical Door Lock (DL-20) ensures rotor comes to a complete stop, and door seal is fully deflated before operator can open the chamber door
    • Anti-Stat (CY-20) removes static charge from inside the process chamber
    • Emergency Machine Off (EMO) buttons


    • Minimize fab floor space
    • Over 95% up time
    • <20 adders @ 0.2μm per wafer
    • Low cost of ownership (use of DI and N2 utilities only)
    • Controller system built using off-the-shelf components
    • High throughout (25 wafer lots)
    • Electro-polished chamber, rotor, and manifolds
    • Proven BKM recipe pre-loaded onto controller
  • Cintillio S Batch Wafer Preparation
    The Cintillio S is a state-of-the-art automated batch wafer surface preparation platform featuring high throughput and precise process control....

  • The Cintillio S platform provides solutions for FEOL and BEOL manufacturing, as well as wafer scale packaging.

    Process Applications:

    • Solvent:
      • Resist Strip
      • Resist De-scum
      • Polymer removal
      • High Density Implant Resist Strip
    • Acid:
      • Prediffusion clean
      • Post-ash clean, Post-CMP clean
      • ONO etch, UBM etch, Metal etch
      • Polymer removal
      • Photoresist strip
      • Wafer reclaim
    • Cintillio S:
      • Prediffusion clean, Critical clean
      • Post-ash clean, Post-CMP clean
      • ONO etch
      • Polymer removal
      • Photoresist strip
      • Ozone Processing
      • Wafer reclaim


    • Up to four (4) separate on-board chemical and mixing processes
    • Modular compact, efficient footprint
    • Reduced chemical and water usage
    • Reduce cycle times
    • Single or multiple process modules
    • Low exhaust/emissions
    • 150mm to 300mm wafer processing
    • Low cost of ownership


    • High productivity
    • Flexibility
    • Robust automation
    • Advanced process control

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