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Sensor Electronics Corporation Gas Detectors & Analyzers FEATURING:   “New” IREvolution Infrared Gas detector for PFC Gases: DiFluoromethane (CH2F2), Fluoromethane (CH3F), Hexafluoro Butadiene (C4F6).  “Ventless” Process Gas Analyzers for CO2, HC, H2O. “Gas Free” SEC 3000 Gas Detectors Calibration. “Wireless” SEC 3500 HMI Ethernet connectivity communication. “Memory Stick” SEC 3100 Transmitter with data logging. Many more innovative features, visit our booth 6461 to see more.

 Press Releases

  • A sophisticated new gas-detection team that couples an SEC 3000 sensor with an SEC 3100/3120 transmitter to “see” even traces of toxic gas concentrations has been announced by Sensor Electronics of Minneapolis.

         Engineered for semiconductor production areas where toxic gases like tungsten hexafluoride and dichlorosilane are an ever-present danger, this new sensor/transmitter team reacts instantly to dangerous gas levels.

         The factory-tuned sensor works in tandem with its digital transmitter, which incorporates a plug-in memory stick.

         Like an airliner’s black box, the memory stick logs a permanent record of actual gas levels, remembering times, concentrations, trouble signals, service interruptions and the like.

         The memory stick is easily pulled from the transmitter to download data to a computer for retrieval and analysis.

        The SEC 3100/3120 transmitter shows actual gas levels – in PPM or per cent LEL – on a digital screen.  Brilliant color-coded LEDs – change from green to yellow to red as gas concentrations rise, reverse colors as they drop.   At a setpoint, integral relays can trigger alarms, turn on supply/exhaust fans, shut down lines, or whatever.

         The transmitter even keeps a beady eye on itself:  The LEDs turn blue to warn of troubles anywhere in the system, and then the digital display spells out what’s wrong where.

         To switch gas sensors the transmitter needs no setup time, no reprogramming, and no recalibration.  With an optional IS barrier, sensors can be changed without cutting system power.

         The sensor/transmitter pair shrug off temperature/humidity extremes (-40/160 degrees Fahrenheit, 0/99 per cent RH) and automatically compensate for wide temperature swings.

         The cylindrical stainless-steel sensor measures 2 inches diameter, 3 inches deep.  The explosion-proof transmitter is 5 inches high/wide/deep.  Sensors can be coupled directly to transmitters, or be up to 1000 feet apart.

         More information about this new toxic-gas detection team with a plug-in memory stick engineered for semiconductor production lines is available from Sensor Electronics, 12730 Creek View Avenue, Savage, Minnesota 55378 or visit our booth 6461
  •      Gas detectors to protect clean rooms, laboratories and similar areas where toxic/explosive gases are a constant hazard have been developed by Minneapolis-based Sensor Electronics.

         Such nasty gases include hydrogen chloride, tungsten hexafluoride, ammonia hydrides, fluorines (as difluoromethane), xylenes and similar life-threatening gases.

         “Tunnel vision” means the detector “sees” only one specific gas – as, say, WF6 – and cannot be confused by other gases that could cause false readings, false signals, false alarms, needless shutdowns and evacuations.

         Stainless-steel construction means these new detectors shrug off corrosion, contamination, condensation, dust, dirt, aerosols, temperature/humidity extremes.

         Factory-tuned for specific gases, detectors can turn on alarms to warn personnel.  If gas concentrations increase the detectors can turn on fans to flood the area with outside air.

       More information about these gas detectors that protect cleans rooms and laboratories please contact:  Sensor Electronics, 12730 Creek View Avenue, Savage, Minnesota 55378; or

  • A sophisticated new explosion proof gas detector that can pinpoint precise proportions of virtually any hydrocarbon gas has been introduced by Minneapolis – based Sensor Electronics.

         Such superb selectivity means this detector can zero in on, say, methane and not be confused by propane, ethanol, jet fuel, or other hydrocarbons in the area.

         Besides hydrocarbons, the new detector can spot dozens of other individual gases – EtO, CO2 – even when obscured by invisible clouds of other gases.

         Key to the detector’s is a multi-path IR beam with a compressed source/sensor distance of 1 inch, without using mirrors or beam-splitters.  Result is a rugged gas detector half the size of conventional units, yet with double the operating life.

         And because it has no moving parts, its 316SS explosion proof stainless steel components means the detector shrugs off shock, vibration, abuse; ignores dust, dirt, aerosols, oil mists, corrosive atmospheres including sea water.

         The new gas detector self-compensates for temperature/pressure extremes, meaning it works equally well in a deep mineshaft or atop Mount Everest; in Death Valley or at the South Pole, all the while maintaining its ±5 per cent accuracy and repeatability.

         Robust construction means the detector is fully warranted for 5 years’ active service (double that of conventional gas detectors).  Even the IR source lamp is covered: Clever engineering lets it cool filament operate at low temperatures,  minimizing filament, evaporation and oxidation.

         (Actually, because of its design and construction, the detector should operate for decades without trouble, the company said.)

         The robust components and pinpoint precision makes this gas detector particularly well-suited for hard work in the petroleum, chemical, biofuel, industrial, electronic component assembly and similar applications where its indifference to unfriendly corrosive atmospheres and maintenance free life are a plus.

         Despite its big performance and small size, this new detector is competitively priced.

         More information about this new gas detector that can see a specific gas even when enveloped in a cloud of other gases is available from Sensor Electronics, 12730 Creek View Avenue, Savage, Minnesota 55378. Or visit our booth 6461


  • SEC 3000 Toxic Gas Detector
    SEC 3000 Toxic Gas Detector detects over 100 different toxic gases. Coupled with a SEC 3120 Dual transmitter....

  • The SEC 3000 gas detector is a unique design combining intrinsically safe and explosion proof approved standards. The SEC 3000 toxic gas detector can detect over 100 different gases.  The SEC 3000 can operate on its own (4-20 mA) or be coupled with either the SEC 3100 Universal Transmitter or the SEC 3120 Dual Transmitter. (Pictured with the SEC 3120 coupled with the SEC 3000 and the SEC Millenium). 
  • SEC IREvolution Gas Detector
    The SEC IREvolution detectors are completely self contained optical gas detectors that can detector 100's of different gases....

  • The SEC IREvolution is a complete self contained optical gas detector.  The sensing and reference elements are self compensation for optical integrity and other signal inhibitors.  Virtually maintenance free  - low cost of ownership  with over ten plus years operating life.  Designed for harsh environments.  This detector can operate on its own (4-20 mA) or it can be coupled with the SEC 3100 Universal Transmitter or the SEC 3120 Dual Transmitter. 

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