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Developed by Kx, kdb+ is the world's fastest time-series database platform for capturing, storing & processing massive volumes of streaming and historical data. With a proven record in high performance analytics, it excels in capturing tool trace data, process parametric data, fab yield & test data to enable real-time process monitoring, predictive analytics & machine learning solutions for root cause analysis & control. This improves fault detection, tool up-time, process control & yield.  With its small footprint & high scalability, it can operate from the individual tool to complete factory level & offers a range of deployment options for integrating, co-existing or replacing current systems.

Kx is a division of First Derivatives (FD), a global technology provider with 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest manufacturing, finance, retail and energy institutions. FD is listed on the LSE, has a market cap of $1.6B & is currently the UK Tech Company of the Year.

 Press Releases

  • FD (AIM: FDP.L, ESM: FDP.I) announces that it has signed a contract with a Fortune 500 engineering solutions company for the use of its Kx technology within precision manufacturing. Kx has been selected as the high-performance, time-series data historian and analytics platform in the next version of the client’s fault detection product range, expected to be released in mid-2017. The client expects the use of Kx to provide a competitive advantage in its market and has therefore asked not to be named at this stage.

    The client is a leading supplier of precision fault detection solutions which enable its customers to increase productivity, improve quality and maximise manufacturing equipment efficiency. The fault detection solution takes readings from thousands of sensors providing rapid ingestion, complex event processing, and compares these readings to historical data to detect anomalies and potential faults. With increasing numbers of sensors and frequency of readings now taking place, the performance of the client’s existing solution had become sub-optimal and, following a successful proof of concept, it has decided to replace it with Kx. Initial benchmarking shows that, by incorporating Kx, the product is capable of handling many millions of sensor reads per second, representing a significant change in the product’s performance and scalability.

    FD will receive revenue as existing customers of the fault detection solution upgrade to the version powered by Kx. The total expected value over a five year period places this contract amongst some of the larger software contracts FD has signed.  In addition to the use of Kx within its fault detection solutions, the client has identified additional potential uses of Kx within its operations and FD is working with the client to develop these additional opportunities.

    The use of Kx for fault detection is one application of the use of sensor data to aid efficiency within manufacturing, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). According to ABI Research, the addressable market for analytics and other value-added services for the IIoT is expected to reach $80-120 billion by 2018.

    Brian Conlon, Chief Executive Officer of FD, commented: “This is a flagship contract win for Kx in the Industrial Internet of Things, secured through our ability to demonstrate higher performance, greater scalability, and lower total cost of ownership than competing solutions. We see considerable potential for Kx to establish itself as a market-leading solution for streaming analytics on sensor data, particularly within manufacturing environments.”

  • FD (AIM:FDP.L, ESM:FDP.I) announces that it has been selected by Red Bull Racing as a team supplier for the use of its Kx technology to analyse sensor data from its Formula 1 vehicles. Initially, Kx will be deployed for the analysis of wind tunnel data, a critical element in the development of faster, more competitive F1 cars.

    It is intended that Red Bull Racing will use Kx for a range of purposes including wind tunnel experiments and the analysis of in-race data to enable real-time decisions during Grand Prix races. With over 100 sensors on a typical F1 car, Kx technology is able to capture, integrate and analyse vast quantities of data to provide real-time actionable insights. These insights and subsequent team and driver action have the potential to make the difference to race results and safety, on cars travelling at up to 300 kilometres per hour.

    Kx’s compact footprint and powerful analytics, which make it ideal for the challenging requirements of F1 cars, provides the potential to open additional markets where real-time analysis of large volumes of sensor data is a critical requirement. This includes the growing vehicle analytics market, where Gartner predicts that by 2020 there will be 250 million connected vehicles on the road, as well as extending to industries such as discrete manufacturing, logistics and utilities, an opportunity BGC estimates to be valued at $80bn per annum by 2020.

    Brian Conlon, Chief Executive Officer of Kx, commented: “We at Kx are delighted to work with Red Bull Racing. Both companies are associated with power, speed, precision engineering and innovation. Over the years F1 has proven itself as an ideal testing ground for disruptive technologies and we look forward to bringing the power of Kx to bear in high-value complementary markets.”

  • FD (AIM:FDP.L, ESM:FDP.I) announces a range of initiatives to put machine learning (ML) capabilities at the heart of future development for the Group’s Kx technology, in direct response to increasing interest from current and potential customers. The measures announced today will accelerate delivery of pipeline opportunities in software and consulting and provide access to an increased pool of ML specialists to help increase traction in this rapidly growing area.

    Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows computer systems to use algorithms to adapt to enable better outcomes, based on data rather than explicit programming. Kx technology, incorporating the market-leading in memory time series database kdb+, is able to rapidly process vast quantities of data using less computing resource than competing technologies and is therefore ideally placed to enable adoption of ML across multiple industries and use cases. IDC estimates that the market for ML-related technology will increase from $12.5 billion in 2017 to more than $46 billion in 2020.

    The Group has already received considerable interest from existing and potential customers in areas such as Capital Markets, IIOT, Retail and Digital Marketing with a view to harnessing the power of Kx for ML purposes.  The Group is in the process of recruiting a team of ML experts with extensive commercial experience of implementing AI solutions in finance and other industries and who have worked with teams including Deepmind.

    These ML experts will be supplemented by additional Kx senior technical resources to exploit this exciting commercial opportunity. It is expected that, as part of the development effort, interfaces will be created to enable Kx to accelerate processing and deliver real-time capabilities to ML applications developed using other technologies. The initiative will be led by Mark Sykes, a member of the Group’s executive committee.

    To meet the expected demand for ML and AI consultancy the Group has signed an agreement with Brainpool, a specialist consultancy with 130 ML engineers working across commercial and academic institutions. These specialists have domain expertise in a variety of industries. Brainpool’s consultants will receive training in the core Kx technology and will be able to work as part of Kx project teams assembled to deliver the benefits of ML to the Group’s customers.

    Peter Bebbington, Chief Technical Officer of Brainpool, commented: “Machine learning is a key part of the drive to introduce artificial intelligence into enterprises to deliver automation, maximise efficiencies and generate value. Our agreement with FD will support the proliferation of Kx, an important enabling technology, to enable this transformation.”

    Brian Conlon, Chief Executive Officer of Kx, commented: “The interest from current and potential customers in using Kx for machine learning reinforces our belief that our technology has a major enabling role to play in supporting the development of ML and AI technology. The measures we have announced today will allow Kx to power real-time, mission critical ML applications and support our drive to position Kx across multiple industries.”


  • Kx for Semiconductors
    Kx for Semiconductors is ideally suited to manage disparate data types and sources, ingesting increasing volume and velocity of fab data and creating critical KPI’s from complex and numerous data signals....

  • Kx for Semiconductors is ideally suited for providing solutions for Fabs, Process Tools and Test areas with functionality for managing disparate data types and sources, ingesting increasing volume and velocity of fab data and creating critical KPI’s from complex and numerous data signals.

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