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"The One True Total Solution"

Since 1988, GEMÜ has been an industry leader in the production of High Purity valves, measurement and control systems. Our dedication to quality has earned us many loyal customers in the semiconductor industry. Our High Purity products are developed and produced specifically for use in process equipment, ultra pure water and chemical manufacturing and distribution systems - as well as for microchip production. They are produced today under the strictest cleanroom conditions at our manufacturing site in Switzerland. We develop, produce and supply: CleanStar, PurePlus, FlareStar, SonicLine and Controls.

 Press Releases

  • (20180621)

    The SUMONDO SINGLE-USE DIAPHRAGM VALVE has expanded its size range!

    GEMÜ, the leading manufacturer of valve designs for the pharmaceutical industry, has established the first controllable single-use diaphragm valve on the market – the GEMÜ SUMONDO. In addition to a pneumatically operated version, the product range also includes a version with a handwheel for manual operation.  The manual operator is also autoclavable.

    Due to increasing customer demand, the range has been expanded in the area of associated valve bodies. With a third diaphragm size, another high-performance member has been added to the product range.  This new size is the largest valve of its type to-date, with up to a 1" diameter process connection size available. This means that applications can be handled for which higher medium flows and precise controllability are required.

    Produced and packaged in the cleanroom, the single-use valve bodies comply with most requirements for pharmaceutical processes. The application possibilities do not stop with pharmaceutical processes. In other areas, such as research centers and laboratory facilities, the valves become a cost-efficient and, above all, safe solution. The risk of cross contamination is considerably reduced, cleaning costs are significantly reduced, and plant downtimes are reduced to a minimum. Even with smaller batches and more frequent changes of media, the advantages of the SUMONDO valve quickly become apparent and prove themselves in terms of cost.

    The GEMÜ single-use solution outperforms conventional pinch valve systems in a large number of cases. The controllability becomes considerably more precise, and the flow rates remain constant even with intensive use. With GEMÜ SUMONDO, it becomes possible to implement entirely new process functions in single-use applications – functions that could not be implemented with conventional systems. This includes processes for mixing, dosing and distributing media or controlling the transmembrane pressure in a plant. This function is always precise, reproducible and, if required, also automated – thanks to the pneumatic actuator option. Alternatively, the manual operator, with a robust plastic handwheel and definable stroke, provides reliable opening, closing and precise setting of the volumetric flow.

    The underlying idea of the SUMONDO single use diaphragm valve can be summarized as follows: A valve body for single use and an operator for repeated use. With this combination, the foundation is laid for cost-effective processes of the highest quality. The optional instrumentation completes this valve solution and makes it intelligent.

    When reviewing the SUMONDO valve offering, you will notice that new connection sizes with various connection types are now available. These range from 1/4" to 1", from the clamp connection (3/4” and 1”) to the hose barb (1/4” – 1”). This wide selection enables a more flexible system design and a wider scope of controllability with flow rates of 0.54  to 14.11 GPM.

    Innovative developments inside the valve have produced something from which the user can benefit: The optimized seat contour and the modified diaphragm material will provide a more reliable fit, maximum tightness and an even longer life for the valve body.

    With GEMÜ SUMONDO, the operators of single-use systems have a solution at their disposal. A solution that impresses all thanks to its safety, quality and efficiency.


  • GEMU CleanStar C67 manual
    The CleanStar® C67 HPW manually operated ultra pure 2/2 way diaphragm valve has a complete PFA-HP body. All medium wetted parts are made of PFA-HP or PTFE (diaphragm). ...

  • Construction
    The CleanStar® C67 HPW manually operated ultra pure 2/2 way diaphragm valve has a complete PFA-HP body. All medium wetted parts are made of PFA-HP or PTFE (diaphragm). The exterior bonnet parts are made of PVDF. Standard features are (1) Stroke limiter for minimum flow regulation. (2) Integral mounting lugs. (3) Leak sensor connection. (4) Union nuts in PVDF-HP or PFA-HP. (5) Optical position indicator.

    • Specifically designed for high purity media
    • Metal free
    • High flow capability
    • Union nuts / flare connections compatible with industry standards
    • Manufactured under clean-room conditions
    • High Cv value
    • Bi-directional flow direction
    • Also available as T valve, reducing space and particle entrapment
    • Ultra-Clean flow path
    • High cycle life
    • Reduced costs 
  • GEMU 650
    The GEMÜ 650 2/2-way diaphragm valve has a stainless steel piston actuator and is pneumatically operated. The valve is designed for use in a sterile environment....

  • The GEMÜ 650 2/2-way diaphragm valve has a stainless steel piston actuator and is pneumatically operated. The valve is designed for use in a sterile environment. All metallic actuator components are made of stainless steel. The compression springs of diaphragm sizes 80 and 100 are made of epoxy coated spring steel. Normally closed (NC), Normally open (NO) and Double acting (DA) control functions are available. An integral optical position indicator is standard.

    • Autoclave capability
    • CIP/SIP capable
    • Optional flow direction and installation position
    • Suitable for inert, corrosive, liquid and gaseous media
    • Hermetic separation between medium and actuator
  • iComLine blocks – PC50 multiport blocks
    With its modular system, GEMÜ can provide individually adapted customer solutions to meet specific requirements and supplies everything from a single source....

  • Customer requests for high switching cycles and long service life when working with ultra pure or corrosive media have been answered by GEMÜ with their iComLine-series multi-port valves. Tested to five million switching cycles (!), the multi-port valve allows maintenance-friendly, safe operation of pneumatic actuators at up to six bar. Thanks to the design and materials used, isolation and control of the media current is possible without impairment even when operated with very rapid switching cycles and at temperatures up to 150 °C. The use of an innovative pretensioning element also ensures external leak tightness, even in the event of temperature fluctuations and settling, which can occur on plastic parts under extreme conditions of use.

    Depending on the application, the seated diaphragm technology of GEMÜ offers a different and sometimes significantly superior performance profile for dosing applications compared to both pinch valves and conventional diaphragm valves. For example, the one-piece PTFE diaphragm is pressed linearly against the seat during the closing process, allowing it to exhibit a minimal contact area with the valve body.

    Alongside conventional open/closed control operations, the iComLine product range is also able to implement control operations with a parabolic or linear characteristic. The corresponding regulating cones are calculated and designed on a customized basis. Check valves and sensor systems such as pressure and temperature sensors as well as threaded filter housing connections can also be integrated into the multi-port valve block.

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