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Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. provides advanced but affordable TFProbe series optical instruments for thin film applications: (1) Desktop Film Thickness Mapping system with capability to handle 300mm wafer, (2) Microspectrophotometer and film thickness measurement system for MEMS and patterned wafer with a sampling region as small as 1 um, (3) Simple and easy to use thin film thickness measurement station, (4) UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopic ellipsometer systems, (5) Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Systems, (6) Automatic thin film measurement system with cassette handlers, (7) Advanced Scatterometry and Grating Measurement System, (8) Advanced Thin Film Measurement Tool for Solar and PV industries, (9) Software for thin film and digital imaging analysis, (10) Advanced analytical service for film thickness and optical constants.

 Press Releases

  • Variable angle infrared spectroscopic ellipsometer (VAIRSE) is useful tool for characyterizing thin films in mid-IR range for various properties. Horizontal sample placement makes measurment easier. All-in-one Advanced software for data acquisition, regression and data management will be offered with the tool.


  • InfraRed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
    The infrared (IR) wavelength range is of much interest since materials exhibit behavior which are very different from those observed in the ultra-violet(UV) and visible wavelength ranges....

  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) is a well-established optical technique for the characterization of bulk materials, thin films, coatings, both surface and embedded layers. The wavelength range implemented with such technique is always application dependent. The infrared (IR) wavelength range is of much interest since materials exhibit behavior which are very different from those observed in the ultra-violet(UV) and visible wavelength ranges. For example, most non-doped semiconductors are transparent; dielectrics have characteristic absorption bonds; metals or doped semiconductors exhibit Drude absorption tails etc. Therefore, InfraRed Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (IRSE) allows to characterize for structural (thickness, interface, surface roughness, contamination), optical (optical constants), electrical (conductivity) and also chemical information of materials.


     Ø  Horizontal sample placement

    Ø  Affordable, Low Cost

    Ø  Compact Design

    Ø  Easy to use with Window based software; scientific mode for advanced users and operator mode for routine/daily operations

    Ø  Variable Incident angles, user definable resolution

    Ø  Fast measurement based on FTIR technique

    Ø  Comprehensive optical constants database and model recipes

    Ø  Advanced TFProbe Software allows user to define layers with NK table, dispersion or EMA mixture/composites with index grading, and surface/interface roughness...

    Ø  Upgradable and reconfigurable with Various options and accessories

    Ø  Michelson interferometer with continuous dynamic alignment for long-term stability

    Ø  Long Lifetime Infrared Source



    ·         Model: TFProbe IRSE

    ·         Light Source: Long Lifetime Polaris™ Infrared Source

    ·         Spectrometer:

    o    Michelson interferometer Dual ports output

    o    Ge on KBr beamsplitter

    o    High-precision HeNe reference laser

    o    Continuously variable iris aperture

    o    BaF2 coated KBr windows

    ·         Variable Incident angle: 20 – 90 degree at 5-degree interval

    ·         Angle Change Mode: Manual with preset slots

    ·         Polarizing Optics: Motorized Grid IR Polarizers

    ·         Detector: TE-cooled DLaTGS detector with KBr window

    ·         Stage: High Precision Z stage with tilting adjustment

    ·         Sample Plate: 200mm diameter, Horizontal placement

    ·         Communication: USB 2.0

    ·         Computer: Intel i5 processor, 8GB ram and 500GB Hard Drive with Keyboard and Mouse

    ·         Monitor: 22” LCD Monitor

    ·         Software: TFProbe 3.3




    §  Spectral range:                    350 - 7400 cm-1

    §  Spectral Resolution:            0.5 - 32 cm-1

    §  Wavelength Precision:        Better than 0.01 cm-1

    §  Scanning Velocity:              0.158 – 6.28 cm/sec

    §  Spot size:                            1 - 5 mm

    §  Angle of incidence:            20° to 90°, 5o interval

    §  Measurement time:             5 sec/site to several min, user definable

    §  Measurement precision:      better than 1Å for Thermal SiO2/Si

    §  Precision at Straight Line:  Tan(y) = 1 ± 0.005      Cos(D) = 1 ± 0.001     

  • Thin Film Metrology Tool with Automation
    Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc has developed thin film measurement tool with wafer handler for routine product quality control. Fully integrated TFProbe software with one button click for whole cassette measurements,........

  • TFProbe SE, SRM and MSP series with automtic wafer handler from 2 to 8" size desktop version, or 12" tower style. Optional prealigner for flats and notch makes job even easier....
  • Film Thickness and Microspectrophotometers
    Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc offers three standard configurations for microspectrophotometer. MSP100 covers from 250 to 1000nm (DUV-Vis). MSP300 has a wavelength range of 400 to 1000nm for visible reflection or transmission spectra measurement....

  • Microspectrophotometer (Micro-Photometer, Micro Spectrophotometery) is used to characterize optical properties of thin films, thick coatings over a micron region area. Microspectrophotometer is also called micro reflectometer, microreflectometer, micro-reflectometer, microspectrometer, microphotometer, microspectroscopic photometer etc. With unique design by Angstrom's professionals, user can enjoy digital imaging capability in Microspectrophotometers (MSP series) by live video, powerful digital editing, measurement tools for reflection, transmission, absorption spectra. Data acquisition only takes milliseconds. TFProbe software allows user to set up heating stage or cooling stage for kinetic study in real time for optical property changes such as reflectance, transmittance, coating thickness, refractive index (optical constants) etc. Automatic mapping function is also available in various Microspectrophotometer models with motorized X-Y stage or Rho-Theta Stage and also motorized focus function. All axis can also be controlled by using Joystick. Wavelength range usually is an important factor for user to consider. Angstrom's microspectrophotometer covers from deep-ultraviolet (DUV) to near-infrared (NIR) ranges. Which range should be considered will depend on several factors such as what are thickness ranges for thin film or thick coating, what is typical wavelength range of interest for reflectance or transmittance and so on. MSP100 is an advanced model which covers 250 to 1000nm wavelength range with high quality and expensive DUV-Vis compatible optics in the system.

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