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Hymark Lika provides an extensive offering of motion and measurement control OEM solutions to semiconductor, robotics, machine tool, automation, aerospace, medical, military, and packaging industries.  With a product range including linear and rotary encoders, precision gearing solutions, programmable cam controllers and actuators, Hymark is a complete source for motion control requirements. Since its inception in 1982, Lika has provided its global customer base with a wide range of quality incremental and absolute, optical and magnetic, rotary and linear encoders, rotary actuators, displays, signal converters and encoder interfaces.  Thanks to flexible design and manufacturing methods, customized solutions are readily achieved.

For more information, go to www.hymark.net or www.likausa.com or visit booth #1310.

 Press Releases

  • Lika, custom and OEM encoders for roboticsTechnavio’s analysts forecast the Robotics market to grow impressively at a CAGR of over 15% in Europe and at a CAGR of over 12% in the USA by 2020. To meet the requirements of a such booming sector and of the automation world in general, Lika Electronic develops and manufactures specific custom-designed incremental and absolute modular encoders, in both optical and magnetic configuration.

    Lika’s products and solutions are engineered for direct integration into automation systems that need compact and accurate devices for high-precision position and speed feedback operations. Both the mechanical characteristics (through hollow shaft bore diameter, PCB shape and size, etc.) and the electrical features (resolution, interface, type of connection, etc.) can be easily and quickly tailored to meet individual requirements. Thanks to the compact and low-profile design, they can be integrated comfortably, while the bearingless and contactless mechanics preserves them from wear and fatigue. Measuring systems with magnetic ring are further distinguished by the high degree of protection (up to IP69K) and the very large bores for installation in diameters up to 300 mm (11.811”). The fully overmolded electronics is an additional benefit and ensures excellent durability under harsh environments affected by dirt, lubricants, dusts, etc. Sensing heads can be paired with custom size rings in order to accurately and reliably detect position values and speeds up to 100,000 rpm. Optical modular encoders are very high resolution devices and equipped with through hollow shaft, so they are ideally suited for advanced industrial machinery, thru-bore motors and linear guides. The high singleturn resolution up to stunning 25 bits and the multiturn resolution up to 16,384 rev. allow also for real-time control of very long travels.

    AMM8A is an optical frameless encoder (kit encoder) with multiturn resolution up to 34 bits (1,048,576 cpr x 16,384 rev.). It is equipped with BiSS C-mode interface. It further integrates an additional Sine Cosine track with 1,024 sinusoidal signals per revolution.

    ASM36 is an optical frameless encoder (kit encoder). It is miniature (Ø 35 mm / 1.378”) and provides singleturn resolution up to 21 bits (2,097,152 cpr).
    Interface is BiSS C-mode with an additional Sine Cosine track that provides 256 sinusoidal signals per revolution.

    ASC85 is a rotary encoder fitted with large 50 mm / 1.968" through hollow shaft. It provides high 25 bit singleturn resolution and high accuracy (±0,005°). The shaft clamping system by fixing plate and three eccentric screws allows to reduce the overall encumbrance. SSI / BiSS C-mode interfaces.

    SMAB + MRAB is a magnetic modular encoder with low profile sensor head + 80 mm / 3.149” thru-bore flat ring. It features an unconventional installation, poles are oriented axially, the sensor head is mounted over the flat surface of the ring instead of radially as usually. The protection rate is up to IP69K. It offers 16-bit resolution and SSI / BiSS C-mode interfaces.

    SMLA absolute encoder + MRA/262 segmented ring easily fit around large shafts in inaccessible mounting areas. SMLA is paired with a ring that is expressly designed and segmented into two pieces for simplified installation in large diameter shafts up to 190 mm / 7.48” where access for mounting or servicing is difficult. It provides 15-bit resolution through SSI or BISS interface.

    Click here to download Lika's full robotics brochure.

  • As a key player in the manufacturing of encoders with Ethernet and bus technologies, Lika Electronic offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the market, including EtherNet/IP. EtherNet/IP is among the most widespread Ethernet-based protocols and accounts for 11% of the Ethernet/bus global market share, according to the latest HMS survey. In particular, it has a top market share of 24% of the global Industrial Ethernet solutions and is better established in the USA and Asia.

    Lika Electronic Absolute EncodersEtherNet/IP encoders from Lika support the complete package of EtherNet/IP functions and attributes, and comply with the latest ODVA specification. Furthermore, they are 22 hex type devices and comply with “Device Profiles, Encoder Device Type 22 hex” specifications of the CIP NETWORKS LIBRARY. They are Class 1 Real Time Ethernet (RTE) devices according to IEC 61 784-2 for time-critical and high-speed industrial automation applications and implement DLR Device Level Ring protocol for continuous system operation even when a fault occurs.

    Among their key features:

    • user-friendly Integrated Web Server for easy and quick configuration and diagnostics;
    • firmware upgrade capability;
    • comprehensive diagnostic functions both via five duo LEDs and via software;
    • IP addressing via hardware switches and via software (including DHCP server);
    • flexible network architecture compatible with commercially available Ethernet installation options.

    EtherNet/IP encoders further provide the full set of encoder configuration attributes: position and velocity readout, scaling, preset, code sequence, etc.,hey are contained in the application-specific Position Sensor Object, Class ID 23h.

    These encoders are available in three series and offer robust magnetic and high resolution optical versions, singleturn and multiturn configuration, solid and hollow shaft mechanical design:

    • EM-series: low cost 27-bit multiturn encoders equipped with robust magnetic sensing technology for standard industrial applications.
    • HS-series: 18-bit singleturn optical encoders for finest accuracy demands.
    • HM-series: 30-bit high-resolution multiturn encoders, optical sensing technology, for high-end applications.

    They are designed in a complete selection of mechanical versions: solid shaft versions with 6, 8, 9.52, 10 and 12 mm (0.24”, 0.31”, 3/8”, 0.39”, 0.47”) diameter and servo or clamp flange mounting; and blind hollow shaft versions with 14 and 15 mm (0.55”, 0.59”) diameter.

    The industrial 58 mm flange enclosure enables IP65 protection and allows for operating temperatures between -25°C and +85°C (-13°F +185°F).

    Standard M12 connectors provide ease of use, safe and cost-saving installation and minimization of the risk of errors.

    Click here to download Lika's EtherNet/IP brochure.

  • RD Series Intelligent Rotary ActuatorsRD rotary actuators are positioning units designed to fully automate changeovers and adjustment operations in auxiliary axes. They make production processes more flexible and efficient, shorten changeover times, cut costs, reduce downtime and minimize the risks of error and waste material.

    They are ideally suited for a variety of sectors and applications, and even for replacement of handwheels and knobs in manual adjustment systems without requiring any mechanical modification. They integrate a brushless motor, real multiturn absolute encoder, position and torque closed-loop controller, and Ethernet/ fieldbus interface in the single compact package. Their all-in-one configuration makes integration, installation and set-up easier. RD actuators are available in four models with specific powers and features.

    RD5 and RD53 is the entry-level model. They have a very compact size and 5 Nm nominal torque. The built-in encoder has a resolution of 18 bits and is mounted on the output shaft. They can also be equipped with a brake for secure holding of the axis.

    RD1A and RD12A excel in versatility. They are offered in a range of nominal torques from 1.2 to 5 Nm and integrates a 20-bit encoder. They are equipped with jog buttons for calibration purposes and provides a comprehensive range of Ethernet and bus interfaces as well as an RS-232 service port for set-up and diagnostics. These models can also be equipped with a brake.

    RD4 is the heavy-duty actuator designed for continuous duty. Nominal torques are 10 and 15 Nm and it is equipped with 20-bit encoder and oil-bath gears.

    RD6 is the latest and the most powerful model. Brushless motor sizes develop a power of 150 W and 250 W (nominal torque: 0.5 Nm and 0.8 Nm), the multiturn encoder has a resolution of 28 bits. Unlike other models, it is equipped with a 14-mm diameter solid shaft.

    RD actuators communicate through Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and POWERLINK Ethernet-based interfaces, as well as, through CANopen, Profibus and MODBUS RTU conventional fieldbus interfaces, depending on the model.

    All RDs can be paired with LDT10 HMI touch panel. The match is perfect, especially in multiaxis systems. The touch panel enables full control of all the actuators connected in the network and to store their work parameters into recipes. Pressing one key causes the recipe to be sent to all devices at once, therefore, the entire changeover cycle starts automatically. Among the typical application sectors of RD actuators are changeovers in packaging and bottling lines, adjustment operations in multiaxis systems, filling machines, mould changers, mobile stops, replacement of handwheels and position indicators, material handling equipment, bending machines, tool changers, spindle positioning devices, woodworking industry, plastic and paper industry, stone and metal processing industry.


  • AMM8A Optical and Modular Absolute Encoder
    AMM8A is an optical frameless absolute encoder with multiturn resolution up to 34 bits (1,048,576 cpr x 16,384 rev). Interface can be SSI or BiSS C-mode. It further integrates an additional Sine Cosine track with 1,024 sinusoidal signals per revolution....

  • AMM8A is an optical multiturn encoder in a small modular design. It comes in a very compact and flat frameless package (only 25 mm / 0.984” thickness) ideally suited for installation in constricted space. This hollow shaft model offers a large internal diameter (25 mm / 0.984” through hollow bore) and enables contactless mechanics without integral bearings. Thus, it is unaffected by wear, friction, fatigue and mechanical stresses. The mounting and calibrating tools provided by Lika simplify the assembly process and reduce it to a few seconds. Designed for demanding motion control applications, AMM8A provides high resolution up to 20 bits singleturn (1,048,576 counts per rev.) and 16,384 revolutions (up to 34 bit overall resolution!). Furthermore, the real multiturn does not require a battery or counter. An additional incremental track further yields Sine Cosine 1Vpp signals for speed feedback.

    Key Features

    • Frameless design with minimum footprint
    • Multiturn & high-resolution up to 20 x 14 bits
    • SSI and BiSS C-mode interfaces
    • Sine Cosine additional track for speed feedback
    • Designed for robotic systems, motors & OEM applications
    Download the full AMM8A datasheet.
  • ASM36 Absolute Modular Encoder for Motors
    ASM36 is the miniature absolute modular encoder designed to be directly integrated into small AC servo motors and DC brushless motors. It offers high resolutions and reliable operation at an economical price....

  • ASM36 is a high resolution single-turn optical absolute encoder. It is engineered for direct integration into small AC servo motors and DC brushless motors. It can be installed in a variety of drives with different flange sizes having a 6mm/0.24” back shaft and a 20mm/0.79” flange pilot. Unlike conventional encoders, it comes in an OEM and ultra compact modular package combining the disk and the circuit that can be easily assembled by the user. Thanks to the supplied mounting tool and the automatic calibration software, the assembly process is greatly simplified. Thus, reducing the time needed for installation and alignment to a few seconds.

    The electrical interface can be either SSI or BiSS C-mode with a resolution up to 21 bits (2097152 cpr). Zero setting/preset and counting direction input functions along with protection against reverse polarity and short-circuit add plus  benefits. Furthermore the use of selected components enables high accuracy rates and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F). ASM36 is the ideal solution for mass production at low cost in motors.

  • SMSR Miniature Magnetic Linear Encoder
    SMSR is a miniature magnetic encoder that is suitable for linear or pick and place applications. These sensors are capable of providing operators with a 16 m/s maximum operating speed. These units are fitted with a 1Vpp sine/cosine output circuit....

  • SMSR is a miniature magnetic encoder that is suitable for linear or pick and place applications. These sensors are capable of providing operators with a 16 m/s maximum operating speed. These units are fitted with a 1Vpp sine/cosine output circuit.

    Key Features

    • Real-time 1Vpp sine/cosine
    • Contactless and wear-free operation
    • IP68 protection rating
    • High performance output signals

    Download the SMSR datasheet.

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