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IDE - Environmental Control & Automation

The Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) Group is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing environmental controls for active and passive vibration isolation, EMI active compensation, and acoustic isolation for research, metrology, lithography and medical systems; plus precision motion controls and robots for wafer and mask handling, tool platforms and EFEMs for semiconductor OEMs.

Starting with unique active and passive vibration isolation systems, IDE expanded its product array to include a range of solutions for the most demanding industries in the instrumentation and metrology fields. Providing Innovative Technical Solutions to Semiconductor Manufacturers, Universities, Government Laboratories, engineers, researchers, microscopists, scientists and other prestigious clients. Now more than 12,000 IDE isolation modules and environmental control systems are installed and operating worldwide.

 Press Releases

  • Leveraging the strength of IDE (Integrated Dynamics Engineering) along with its partners Mogema, Lamers High Tech Systems and Pneutec, all within the Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics Group, opens extended opportunities to better serve customer demands for current technologies and beyond.

    Combined competencies and technologies are now bundled in this unique group.

    These include:

    • Vibration Isolation

    • Dynamic Analysis and Modeling

    • Wafer and Mask Handling

    • Equipment Automation

    • Precision Mechanics

    • Large Frames and Vacuum Chambers

    • High Purity Gas Systems

    • Fluid Technology

    • Mechatronics and System Integration

    All these are enabling the development and manufacturing of qualified modules and tool platforms for the semiconductor market, all metrology process and lithography equipment.

    The modules and platforms will allow customers to select technologies for their specific application, along with components from other suppliers, employing the best technologies available on the market, to be combined in a customized and qualified module, that is fully functional and delivered ready for seamless integration in customer equipments.

    With these modules and platforms, customers gain the advantage of full lifecycle product support, including the development, manufacturing and sustaining phase.

    Customers benefit from a single contact communication interface within Aalberts Advanced Mechatronics by group level key account structures, significantly reducing the time and effort to manage the supply chain.

    Employing IDE’s unique skills in analyzing and optimizing structural system dynamics, customers benefit from unbiased system performance, for the next level of equipment throughput, productivity and reliability.

  • With the SLT 3000, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) Group launches a new product family of integrated service lifting tools, which enable and support service tasks of any equipment subassembly.

    The SLT 3000, an automated service lifting tool for maintaining a wide range of semiconductor systems equipment has been developed by Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE).

    With a lifting capacity of up to several tons, the robust and versatile SLT 3000 significantly reduces service time, service costs, and downtime while complying with all safety and cleanroom standards worldwide. It is certified cleanroom Class ISO 1 compatible in idle mode and better than Class ISO 5 in operational mode.

    This streamlined customized lifting system, designed by IDE’s highly experienced engineers, performs its critical, specialized tasks without increasing a tool’s footprint. The SLT 3000 can be easily integrated into any semiconductor equipment.

    For engineers and on site service technicians, the SLT 3000 does not require a long training session or arduous maneuvering. In fact, the simple integrated push button motion controls direct the SLT 3000 to the precise lifting and moving task without any difficulties or delays. Lift and movement operations can be performed by just one operator in a few minutes. To meet a wide variety of applications, the SLT 3000 service tool can be custom-fitted to virtually any equipment interface in any facility.

    The versatility of the STL 3000 service tool is particularly impressive. Any equipment subassembly, such as optics or chamber lids, can be easily lifted and moved vertically or horizontally by the SLT 3000 in all directions, regardless of mass.
    The SLT 3000 is compatible with a wide range of semiconductor equipment systems - with a load range from a few kilograms up to several tons. Its horizontal motion range goes beyond 3 meters, and can accommodate a variety of vertical motion ranges, as well.

    The SLT 3000 service tool is especially effective in positioning or removing heavy vacuum chamber lids, the highly sensitive optical heads of metrology tools, or other precision components such as stages, robots, isolators and massive granite blocks.

    For more information on the extraordinary SLT 3000 service lifting tool from Integrated Dynamics Engineering, contact


  • PAD 800A - Active Vibration Isolation Platform
    An IDE hybrid, the new PAD 800A system features a low profile isolation platform with a trim ergonomic design for comfortable, easy accessibility to the microscope while seated....

  • Built around IDE’s field-proven, highly dependable PAD 600 vibration isolation system platform, the PAD 800A exceeds all industry requirements, delivering the highest performance isolation through the most cost effective hardware solution available today.

    The PAD 800A is a six-degrees-of-freedom, active vibration isolation platform supporting the demands of high performance applications. Isolation begins at 0.7 Hz. Installation is quick and easy; no air required.

    Through IDE’s patented Floor Motion Feed-Forward feature, standard on every 800A platform, this system achieves outstanding, enhanced low frequency isolation. Another built-in performance benefit, the PAD 800A can differentiate between the structural resonances of the payload and floor-induced vibration. These sensors deliver critical information about present vibration magnitude, which is vital for improved isolation.

    Floor and payload vibration are monitored simultaneously. This awareness of the total system transfer function at all levels of vibration enables the PAD 800A’s unique IDE Opticon controller to compute correctional forces in both amplitude and phase.

    Integrated Dynamics Engineering is part of the IDE Group, incorporating IDE GmbH in Germany; IDE Inc. in the United States; and IDE Ltd. Japan, is a major unit of Aalberts Industries, founded in 1975 and is based in Langbroek, The Netherlands. Today, Aalberts Industries is the world leader in high precision industrial components, with over 150 companies and more than 12,000 employees.

    For more information on the PAD 800A and Integrated Dynamics Engineering’s broad line of precision systems for vibration isolation, EMI cancellation and acoustic control, visit

    For more information please download: PAD_800A.pdf

  • Milonga - Active Vibration Isolation Platform
    How IDE satisfies demanding vibration site requirements in semicon fab cleanrooms...

  • IDE installed TAW isolators on a number of unique mask qualification systems for the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer in recent months. Here, the IDE TAW systems met, without compromise, all the of the customer’s stringent X, Y, and Z requirements (<3.1 (um/sec)rms, 8-100 Hz).

    In the past years, several distinguished microscope brands have selected the TAW for highly dependable performance, joining a long list of satisfied users. The TAW is considered by many to be the primary vibration isolation system for CD-SEMs, E-beam lithography, ultra-sensitive semiconductor tools and sophisticated inspection equipment. Today, the TAW continues to meet the ever-increasing demands of IDE’s world-class customers,

    The TAW system is installed on the concrete floor of a fab or lab. The platform height is leveled to the same height as that of the raised floor. TAW platforms are typically 1.5 m (5 ft.) wide, 2 m (6.5 ft.) long, and 400 mm (1.5 ft.) high. They can accommodate equipment up to 6,000 kg (12,150 lbs.).

    Now setting a ten year record of exceptional performance, IDE’s TAW vibration isolators are specifically designed, fully certified, and continuously upgraded for cleanrooms worldwide. The system has been proven countless times to deliver highly optimized passive and active isolation.

    A decade of data readily supports IDE’s TAW leadership in vibration isolation for cleanrooms. The trend continues.

  • ATAN - Active Vibration Isolation
    IDE’s ATAN active vibration isolation modules considered the ideal solution for high-throughput semiconductor manufacturing and metrology equipment....

  • Continuing a decades-long tradition of developing innovative active vibration isolation solutions for the global semiconductor and metrology industries, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) is now highlighting its state-of-the-art series, ATAN - a hybrid suite of active vibration isolation modules. These have been engineered to accommodate a broad range of stage mass acceleration and payload capacities.

    This new series of ATAN modules is yet another example of IDE’s dedication to providing extraordinary, highly flexible isolators that meet, or even exceed, the demands of today’s ever-expanding global OEM applications.

    The ATAN active vibration isolation solution incorporates a complex hybrid isolation technology which provides outstanding floor vibration control and an order of magnitude improvement for stage settling times. Typical settling performance achieved has been below 50 msec for today’s 2G + stages.

    Currently, there are three size/capacity isolator options in the series: ATAN 500 - 2000 kg up to 6000 kg; ATAN 300 - 1000 kg up to 2500 kg; and ATAN 100 - 600 kg up to 1800 kg.

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