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Meiden Pure Ozone Generator is the one and only industrial metal-oxide or NOx free oxygen radical source for high quality film deposition/etching especially for thermally or chemically vulnerable materials. It can supply high purity and highly concentrated (95% or higher) ozone gas 24/7 and thus applicable to any industrial semiconductor processes.

Vacuum capacitors are applicable to a wide range of energy related high frequency (100kHz - 100MHz) products with an output power of tens of kW or more. Especially, Motorized vacuum variable capacitor is suitable for real-time impedance matching circuit required in latest multi-layer etching processes. We also serve all-in-one solutions by integrating peripheral hardware with the control for them. 

Pulse power supply is a power source that produces instant high voltage tens of kV for tens of nanosecond level. Our strength is not only low noise and stability but also high tunability of the waveshape like output voltage, pulse duration, repetition frequency corresponding to any type of external process signals. Arc-free plasma in atmosphere or in water plasma has been stably generated.

 Press Releases

  • TOKYO, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Meidensha Corporation (hereinafter Meiden) has established the first technology in the world for barrier film deposition at a moderate temperature using 100 percent pure ozone, which is expected to cut drastically the cost of making bendable displays and electronics, the company said.

    Tokyo-based Meiden has been developing the technology in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) since 2000 and applied for a patent in March 2018.

    This technology could be used for high-performance film for flexible organic electroluminescent (EL) displays, printed electronics (PE) and flexible electronics. At present, plasma technology is used to manufacture flexible organic EL displays, but it requires high temperatures of 100 C to 150 C. Meiden's new technology enables film deposition to be performed on resin film at 30 C, which is expected to significantly lower energy costs.

    "Pure ozone is effective in producing nanometers-thick film with less energy," said Kazuhiko Murai of Meiden's Engineering Business Unit. "It also could shorten the manufacturing process because it could allow a single machine to perform the multiple tasks of film deposition, surficial hydrophilic enhancement and removal of organic materials generated during manufacturing."

    Meiden and AIST have jointly developed a device to continuously generate pure ozone. Meiden is the only maker that can produce the device, which is mainly used for manufacturing semiconductors.

    Meiden plans to continue its research partnership with AIST to improve the quality of film that is precise, difficult-to-scratch and bendable with excellent barrier properties. These types of film are expected to have many future applications.

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  • Pure Ozone Generator
    It's a unit that purifies a commercially available O3/O2 mixture gas as a liquid ozone and supplies high-purity ozone gas continuously. It has been sold more than 40 units worldwide from R&D to industrial space for low-temperature cleaning/deposition....

  • Meiden Pure Ozone Generator is a unit that purifies a commercially available ozone/oxygen mixture gas as a liquid ozone and supplies high-purity ozone gas continuously. Because of its extremely high purity level (NOx level lower than 1/100 compared to conventional O3) and high concentration (nearly 100%), it can be used as an oxygen radical source for a wide range of semiconductor processes such as an oxygen source of Atomic layer deposition, Molecular beam epitaxy and metal organic CVD. For differenciator, the system has equipped a several preventive measures for safety handling of highly concentrated ozone.It has been sold more than 40 units worldwide so far from R&D new material development to industrial damage-less low-temperature semiconductor/electronics/optical material cleaning and deposition.
  • Auto Tuning Vacuum capacitors
    It includes Highest quality long life stepper motors with encoders, coupling adaptors and controller electronics. It comes with an instruction set manual for simple integration into process controllers built in command sets....

  • The capacitance of the vacuum variable capacitor can be easily set by serial communication. You can reduce development and design time of the motor part as we provide the vacuum variable capacitor with a motor.

    The  motion of the stepping motor is regularly monitored by adoption an optical encoder. The unexpected step-out of the motor is detected, and it can be automatically recovered. 

    Simple introduction

    Highly reliable operation

    A cascade connection is possible.

  • Pulse power supply
    We supply high-precision and stable high-voltage and high-current pulse power with high level of repetitive frequency. This device can produce instant high power at the microsecond or nanosecond level....

  • Our pulse power supply unit is configured with a capacitor charger and a pulse generation circuit with a semiconductor switch and magnetic pulse compression circuits system and is capable of highly accurate and stable driving by high repetition.

    In addition, the output pulse voltage can be output with high accuracy, and it can be output with extremetly small fluction on its small axis. The device efficienct is omproved by installing an energy regenerative circuit. 

    Supplyign high-voltage of a few 10kV or more with a sharp rise of a nanosecond level

    Highly accurate output pulse shape

    Long operational life

    Delivery achievement  of 1,000 devices or more

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