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Changing the world, one nanometer at a time.

ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment. We envision a world where semiconductor technology is everywhere and helps tackle society’s toughest challenges. We help support progress by giving leading chipmakers the power to mass produce patterns on silicon. We continuously raise the capabilities of our products, designing and calibrating our systems into finely-tuned machines that work with nanometer accuracy. By helping to make chips cheaper and more powerful, we help to make semiconductor technology more attractive for a larger range of products and services, which in turn enables progress in fields such as healthcare, energy, mobility and entertainment. If it’s moving the world forward, chances are, we’re behind it. ASML has offices in more than 60 cities in 16 countries, headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. We employ more than 23,000 people worldwide- currently seeking entry-level to senior-level engineers to join our innovative team.

 Press Releases

  • High-tech company ASML enters into long-term partnership with Van Gogh Brabant in Nuenen and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, where Van Gogh's search for color and light meets state-of-the-art technology.


    "Vincent van Gogh was from Brabant, and was a rebel and an innovator. Light inspired him and it was central to his work, just like it is at ASML," says Peter Wennink, President and CEO of ASML. “This collaboration gives us the opportunity to help connect and preserve the Van Gogh heritage in Amsterdam and Brabant and to share our knowledge with a wider audience. "


    ‘Vincentre’ Museum Nuenen

    Vincent van Gogh painted his first masterpiece in Nuenen in 1885: "The Potato Eaters". It was the result of an intensive search for perspective and light that characterizes his Brabant period. By linking Van Gogh’s life story to the innovative Brainport region, ASML and Van Gogh Brabant are able to further enhance the appeal of the region. This collaboration contributes to the realization of the planned extensions to the Vincentre Museum. In addition, ASML will initiate the realization of the ‘Vincent’s Lightlab’ within the expansion of Vincentre Museum. Here, visitors from young to old discover what light is, how important it is in the world around us and how Van Gogh experimented with it in his paintings. The expansion of the museum and the opening of Vincent's Lightlab are planned for early 2021.


    Frank van den Eijnden, director Van Gogh Brabant / Van Gogh Sites Foundation: “I am proud of this collaboration with ASML. It confirms the relevance of Vincent Van Gogh as an inspirer and innovator and shows what Brabant excels in: craftsmanship, collaboration and innovation. Thanks to the expertise and power of ASML, we can take Vincent Van Gogh's heritage into the future.”


    Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

    ASML is committed as a main partner for a period of five years to the Van Gogh Museum, as a ‘Partner in Science’. Adriaan Dönszelmann (business director of the Van Gogh Museum): "We are delighted and honored by this collaboration and look forward to working with this fantastic company."


    An important part of the Van Gogh Museum’s mission is the management and preservation of the Van Gogh collection. ASML will support the museum with research into this conservation, which will ensure that future generations will be reached and inspired by the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh and his contemporaries.


    In addition to a substantial financial contribution – including for research and restoration – ASML will allocate a team of researchers to support the museum with research focused on the conservation of the collection. The collaboration also focuses on enabling educational activities. A PhD research position and/or university chair will be made available, and ASML will support the museum in offering and further developing educational materials for primary and secondary schools.


    Brabant and Amsterdam

    The Brabant connection will be highlighted in the Van Gogh Museum: the room housing the painting "The Potato Eaters" (painted in Nuenen in 1885) will be renamed the "ASML Gallery".


  • At the Investor Day meeting today ASML Holding N.V. (ASML) will provide an update on the company’s strategy, performance and outlook.


    Chief Executive Officer Peter Wennink, together with Chief Technology Officer Martin van den Brink and Chief Financial Officer Roger Dassen and other senior executives, will discuss the company’s growth opportunities and developments in the market and technology.

    Highlights of the presentations
    Company strategy, market trends and value creation
    • ASML sees a healthy semiconductor end market growth fueled by major innovation drivers such as 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and big data.
    • This translates into growth of world-wide fab capacity in all segments, especially at the leading-edge nodes.
    • Strong growth opportunity in lithography lasting beyond the next decade with a mix transition from DUV to EUV.
    Industry roadmap and technology strategy
    • Moore’s Law innovation continues, driven by multiple strategies that accelerate performance scaling over the next decade.
    • Continued process technology innovation attracts new applications and increases wafer demand.
    • Moore’s Law continues to enable industry growth and lithography is a key enabler of cost-effective shrink.
    EUV products and business opportunity
    • ASML EUV lithography extends our Logic and DRAM customers' roadmap by providing lithography resolution improvement, state-of-the-art overlay performance and year-on-year cost reduction.
    • Our customers are preparing for EUV ramp at the 7nm Logic node and the 16nm DRAM node, with systems deliveries and ongoing qualification. EUV layer adoption continues to grow, reducing patterning complexity and cost.
    • EUV industrialization is well underway towards meeting our customers’ requirements for availability, productivity and yield in high-volume manufacturing. The necessary ecosystem is also in place to support our customer EUV ramp.
    • In the second half of 2019, we will introduce the NXE:3400C, specified at 170wph and with >90% availability.
    • The EUV product roadmap will extend our 0.33NA EUV platform and introduce the 0.55NA EUV platform in parallel, providing comprehensive and flexible solutions to our customers’ continuous demand for patterning scaling well into the next decade.
    • We are seeking EUV profitability at DUV profitability level through the combined execution of our value-enhancing product roadmap and aggressive systems and service cost-reduction roadmap.
    Applications products and business opportunity
    • ASML's Holistic Lithography roadmap is driven by its unique capability to help customers achieve their pattern fidelity requirements.
    • 2018 will be another record year for the Applications business, with product wins across all customers and all market segments (Logic, DRAM, NAND).
    • The primary driver of growth is the extension of our solutions into pattern fidelity control:
      • New offerings extend the roadmap with innovative products that combine ASML’s computational technology with HMI’s e-beam expertise.
      • Hardware and software products support the introduction of EUV into HVM.
      • New applications of deep learning in both computational litho and defect inspection drive improved performance.
      • The Applications business is projected to continue to grow at 15-20% CAGR with strong gross margins for the period 2017 through 2025.
    DUV products and business opportunity
    • DUV system revenues increased significantly over the last decade, driven by immersion technology, and has been an important driver of ASML’s growth.
    • Over the next 5-7 years, DUV sales will remain important and its composition will change from mainly systems sales to approximately 50% systems and 50% Installed Base Management sales.
    • ASML is systematically developing its DUV service and field upgrade product portfolio to meet customer requirements and improve performance, and/or extend the lifetime of its installed base, while optimizing its sales opportunities in this space.
    • DUV is well prepared to maintain margins during this transition through:
      • An innovative DUV Technology Roadmap aligned with customer roadmaps.
      • Adopting commonalities between EUV and DUV module development.
      • Continuously improving its operations to become leaner and more efficient, while driving quality of systems, services and field options.
    Business model and capital allocation strategy
    • We have invested substantially in technology leadership and have thereby created significant shareholder value.
    • Our products and services will continue to enable our customers to achieve cost-effective shrink, fueling the highly profitable and growing semiconductor and technology applications industry.
    • At the last Investor Day in New York in October 2016, we announced that we expected to grow our net sales to approximately EUR 10 billion by 2020, which was adjusted after the HMI acquisition to EUR 11 billion. We currently expect our net sales to grow to around EUR 13 billion by 2020, which is supported by a scenario of moderate market growth.
    • Based on different market scenarios, we have an opportunity to grow our annual revenue for 2025 to between EUR 15 billion (low market) and EUR 24 billion (high market).
    • We expect to continue to return significant amounts of cash to our shareholders through a combination of share buybacks and growing dividends.

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