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YXLON looks forward to solving your inspection challenge.

YXLON is a leading supplier of  X-ray inspection and  Computed Tomography (CT) solutions for the electronics industry and we have new products to share at Semicon West. 

Recently, YXLON launched a brand-new range of X-ray inspection systems dedicated to the Semicon industry, the FF70 CL and FF65 CL. These new systems offer advanced automated 2D and 3D inspection of bumps and filled vias to locate, identify and measure failures, including wetted bumps, voiding and misalignments to the highest standard. These fully automated systems offer ultra high resolution and maginfication for the smallest semiconductor defect detection, and automated analysis of TSV's, C4bumps, 3D packages and MEMS at wafer, strip or component level with maximum throughput. 

Also, for semiconductor inspection YXLON offers the FF20 CT system providing the finest spatial resolution and introduces a new standard for focal spot size, stability and power with our new FeinFocus transmission tube.  YXLON's product portfolio also includes the newly launched Cheetah EVO and Cougar EVO range which offers effortless high-quality X-ray imaging for a wide range of continuous inspection tasks. 

 Press Releases

  • https://www.yxlon.com/products/x-ray-and-ct-inspection-systems/yxlon-ff70-cl

    YXLON International has recently launched a brand-new range of X-ray inspection systems dedicated to the Semicon industry. These systems offer advanced automated 2D and 3D inspection of bumps and filled vias to locate, identify and measure failures, including non-wetted bumps, voiding and misalignments to the highest standard. In terms of resolution these systems are among the best on the worldwide market.

    The FF70 CL and FF65 CL series are fully automated analysis systems offering ultra-high resolution and magnification for the smallest semiconductor defect detection. The brand-new range of inspection systems provides automated analysis of TSVs, C4 bumps, 3D packages and MEMS at wafer, strip or component level with maximum throughput. Lastly the FF65 IL with its integrated loader is designed to meet the needs of volume manufacturing whilst maintaining market leading features and benefits. They were developed under collaboration with Nagoya Electric Works.

    “Our customers in the Semicon industry require analyzing continuously smaller features at higher speed. Classical electrical testing and optical inspection are coming to their limits, especially in complex 3D packaging”, states Eike Frühbrodt, Vice President YXLON Product and Project Management. “The FF70 CL with its computed laminography for ultra-high volume resolution can handle this challenge easily. An air-suspended high precision manipulator, anti-vibration mechanics and 7 tons of machine weight make it an ideal choice for defect inspection at micron level. And when speed is more an issue than ultra-high resolution, the FF65 CL and FF65 IL will deliver. All three systems are an excellent complimentary range to our existing product portfolio for the Electronics market with Cougar and Cheetah EVO, as well as YXLON FF20 CT and FF35 CT.”

    Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the Yxlon inspection systems on the Comet/Yxlon booth #6040 at Semicon West in San Francisco or on www.yxlon.com.


  • The New YXLON FF70 CL
    Highest resolution advanced 2D and 3D X-ray system for fully automated analysis of the smallest features Semiconductor manufacturing requires automated, high-quality, reliable, fast and non-destructive inspection and analysis for optimum production....

  • YXLON FF70 CL Brochure:  https://www.yxlon.com/products/x-ray-and-ct-inspection-systems/yxlon-ff70-cl

    The YXLON FF70 CL is distinguished by its large inspection area of 510 x 610 mm and the extremely detail detectability of < 150 µm, making it ideal for automatically and non-destructively analyzing solder bumps and filled vias in 3D ICs, flip chips and wafers.

    The innovative vacuum mechanism of the system manipulator holds the sample securely and precisely during analysis and counteracts the effects of sample warpage.

    The FF70 CL provides 2D (top-down) with a high-performance flat-panel and 3D (CL-Computed Laminography) automated analysis using a high-resolution Image Intensifier within a special manipulation assembly for its inclined rotations.

    The latest generation of nano-focus X-ray tubes creates 2D and 3D images that can reveal and measure the smallest voids and features. This enables the YXLON FF70 CL to analyze the most demanding advanced semiconductor challenges.
    A user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows the easy creation of automated, multi-point and multi-functional analysis inspection programs.

    Measurement repeatability over time is ensured by automatic, continuously monitoring background calibration tests over all aspects of the system.

     System properties at a glance:

    • Automated high-throughput analysis with the best reproducibility and reliability of the results
    • Simple creation of automated, multi-point and multi-functional analysis inspection programs allowing rapid change between sample and measurement tasks
    • Continuous background monitoring and optimization to ensure measurement repeatability and accuracy
    • Fast and reproducible accuracy of all measurements
  • YXLON Cheetah EVO Series
    The YXLON Cheetah EVO series provides "best-in-class" inspection solution for SMT, semiconductor, and laboratory assembly applications. With optimized software and hardware, these systems produce higher quality, consistent results every time....

  • Cheetah EVO SMT, Cheetah EVO Semi, Cheetah EVO Plus and ProLoop brochures:  https://www.yxlon.com/products/x-ray-and-ct-inspection-systems/yxlon-cheetah-evo

    The Cheetah EVO Series (Cheetah EVO SMT, Cheetah EVO Semi, Cheetah EVO Plus) series range was created to achieve a simple goal: the very best image in the shortest time, in each of the electronics market sectors. With 3 different systems, each custom built for either SMT, semiconductor, or laboratory, users get the best solution for their specific and demanding application.

    • Exceptional 2D/3D image quality in the shortest time 
    • User-friendly operation for high-tech inspections
    • One-click solutions for advanced manipulations
    • Best-in-class DR technology

  • YXLON FF20 CT High Resolution Industrial CT System
    The YXLON FF20 CT computed tomography system is designed to achieve the best 3D inspection results at very high resolution. Whether for R&D, defect analysis, process monitoring, or CT metrology....

  • YXLON FF20 CT Brochure: https://www.yxlon.com/products/x-ray-and-ct-inspection-systems/yxlon-ff20-ct

    The FF20 CT is a compact, high-resolution computed tomography system, perfectly suited for inspection of your small items such as: 

    • Electronic components like SMD
    • Semiconductor packaging
    • Probes of new materials (e.g. metal, plastics, CFRP)
    • Microsystems, MEMS, MOEMS
    • Medical devices like e.g. cannulas
    Based on a new, innovative operation concept, the FF20 CT has been designed for low temperature expansion and precise inspection item manipulation with high repeatability and measurement capability.

    The 190 kV transmission X-ray tube is newly developed and achieves a detail visibility in radioscopy of up to 150 nm. With a focus on usability, system control is accomplished via two touchscreens displaying easy to understand graphics. Intelligent functionality supports the user: As an example, ‘IntelliGuard’ avoids collision with X-ray tube and detector by automatically determining the outer shape of the inspection item during a 360° rotation. 

    CT trajectories such as ‘HeliExtend’ (helical CT scan and reconstruction method) provide consistently good image quality from top to bottom, and capture elongated specimens with a high magnification scan.

    The ability to select your own center of scan rotation using a ‘virtual rotation axis’ (FlexCenter) offers considerable comfort and saves time. The inspected item need not be repositioned if regions of interest fall outside the physical center of rotation.

    A system health monitor gives you information on various parameters. Results are consolidated and displayed in a ‘traffic light’ representation. Additionally, you can access this health status and the progress of CT (and reconstruction) from your office through the remote monitoring feature.

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