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Enabling Surface Technology through Vacuum Coating Equipment

SOLAYER GmbH specializes in vacuum coating and surface modification by means of plasma technologies. We develop and manufacture tailor-made equipment and processes in close cooperation with international partners. Plasma pre-treatment, magnetron sputtering, PECVD and RTP with Flash Lamp Annealing are our technical core competencies. The portfolio of Solayer includes components and tools for laboratory research, pilot production and mass production. We accompany our customers from process development to industrial production in the fields:

  • - Precision Optics
  • - Display
  • - Optoelectronics
  • - Thin Film solutions 
  • - Thin Film Electronics
  • - Emerging technologies

 Press Releases

  • SOLAYER GmbH (Kesselsdorf, Germany) is proud to announce the exclusive Sales Partnership with Tecport Optics (Orlando FL, USA). 
    This agreement means that Tecport Optics will be SOLAYER’s sales channel for North America and associated regions while SOLAYER will be Tecport’s sales channel in Europe´s associated regions.  

    Both companies expect strong synergetic effects through this cooperation due to the complementary nature of their product lines and technologies.
    Also, a further strengthening of their presence in these regions would be experienced due to this partnership.

    This mutual agreement will greatly benefit customers in the precision optics industries because of the broad-spectrum product offerings. These offerings cover state of the art Coating Equipment which incorporate Evaporation, Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD), Diamond-like Carbon coating (DLC) as well as leading Magnetron Sputtering solutions.

    Premium and customised service response in the regions is also another great benefit of this new cooperation, of which our customers can leverage.  

    SOLAYER GmbH is enthusiastic about the mutually beneficial prospects of this long term sales partnership with Tecport Optics.

    Founded in 1997, Tecport Optics designs, manufactures, sells and services state-of-the-art thin film vacuum deposition systems to customers across the globe.
    Working vigorously with its world-class instrument suppliers, Tecport builds the most reliable, efficient, and flexible coating systems in the world, customised to the meet the technical specifications of a variety of industries.
    Dedicated to excellence in customer service and technical innovation, Tecport has built a loyal customer base that benefits from its corporate motto – ‘We serve to serve again’.


  • AVIOR M-300
    - Load lock coater type - Sputter-up Configuration - 12 x 300mm, 24 x 200mm substrates - Excellent process stability - Superior film quality - Unique flexibility - Ready for future demands - Outstanding productivity ...

  • In the light of the continuously increasing challenges as it pertains to film uniformity and characteristics, SOLAYER GmbH offers a production tool to address this.

    The new AVIOR M-300 is specifically designed to guarantee high throughput and reliable production of precision optics with outperforming film uniformity and characteristics.  Its’ unique combination of a Sputter-Up configuration with Dual Rotary Magnetrons offers unrivaled competitive benefits such as process stability, lowest particle count, minimal service time and cost of ownership. 

    The AVIOR M-300 can accommodate as much as 12 substrates per run, 300 mm inclusive. Its flexibility in production is unrivaled with carrier systems for various substrates sizes adaptations (such as, 48 x 150 mm substrates).  Uninterrupted vacuum in the process chamber is assured at the AVIOR M-300 due the load lock design. Remarkably, the dual-rotary sputter magnetrons with different materials (reservoirs ≈ 1,500cm3) serves several weeks of continuous production. The modular design which can incorporate as much as four materials and two plasma sources, allows growth rates of about 10 nm/sec. This design capability offers a superior variety of dielectric, metallic and hybrid layers of multiple materials without the need for material change. 

    The AVIOR M-300 is equipped with an in-situ deposition growth control, and has no need for calibration and test-runs even for stack designs of several hundred layers. Film thickness uniformity is guaranteed as well as prevention of deposited in-film defects. This results in stable and predictable deposition processes over weeks. Extremely dense, amorphous and shift free layers can be deposited. With layer growth akin to ‘imaging’, the layers have almost no intrinsic roughness and a unique uniformity of down to 0.2 %. 

    SOLAYER’s AVIOR M-300 puts the Precision in Precision Optics.

    A suite of Evaporation and Sputtering Technology through the TECPORT-SOLAYER PARTNERSHIP...

  • Following the Trans-Atlantic Technology Handshake between SOLAYER GmbH and TECPORT OPTICS, (September 2018), SOLAYER is poised to provide our customers and the entire vacuum coating community with unmatched end-to-end technology solutions and service delivery.

    The strong synergy arising from this cooperation, which borders on the complementary nature of their product lines and technologies, ensures a one-stop shop for all things related to vacuum coating.

    This mutual agreement will greatly benefit customers in the precision optics industries because of the broad-spectrum product offering.

    These offerings cover state of the art Coating Equipment that incorporate Evaporation, Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD), Diamond-like Carbon coating (DLC) as well as leading Magnetron Sputtering solutions.

    With tools like the flexible SYMPHONY range that employs different evaporation technologies (high density plasma assisted deposition, thermal resistance evaporation, electron beam evaporation, IAD), the combination of innovative thin film coating and reduced cost provides the required competitive edge all in one ‘box’.

    Thin film deposition on plastics substrates are a rarity considering the heating effect resulting from the use of plasma technology. However, TECPORT Optics has succeeded through their innovative Cold Plasma Technology in opening another novelty in coating possibilities. With their POLARIS system, customized polymer coatings may be deposited on plastics at temperatures below 100ᵒC resulting in films with very hard surface as well bonding properties. These films possess great resistance to scratching and damage. The applications from such coated plastics are broad and can only be imagined.

    Committed to being a one-stop shop, TECPORT’s The ROCK DLC coating system brings highly transparent sp3 optical coating to such applications that require abrasion and wear resistance.

    Completing the technology solution suite sees the employ of SOLAYER’s magnetron sputtering tool – THE AVIOR SERIES . Driven by the need to ensure ultra-precision coating for precision optics and related vacuum coating applications, SOLAYER spared no innovative engineering in providing a tool that is future ready and flexible for various production environments .

    It is safe to say that the regions served by this partnership will benefit immeasurably, as they will have access to unrivaled service delivery and technical support.

    SOLAYER GmbH | Enabling Surface Technology

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